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yes they are but it looks better with p-mags

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Q: Are regular M4 mags compatible with a Magpul Masada ACR?
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What does a magpul ranger plate do?

Helps you change mags faster.

Should I get Pmags or Metal GI style mags with a magpul follower for much less money?

Both are good and viable options. Before you buy the PMags, however, be certain they'll fit into the magazine well... some lowers have problems with this. With the USGI mags, on top of the Magpul follower, I also recommend replacing the magazine spring with a sturdier, braided spring.

Does the airsoft m4 and airsoft masada have interchangable mags?

It depends on which companies make the m4 you have, but generally companies stick to the same dimentions for magazines for the m4/m16 family.

How remove AR-15 magazine floor plate?

At the back of the floor plate, there's a section which curves upwards. You get a small slotted screwdriver (or similar device) between that and the magazine body, and - using the magazine body as a fulcrum - simply pull the floor plate towards the rear of the magazine. This is for the GI and GI style magazines, mind you, and won't work on H&K mags, Magpul P-Mags, etc.

What companies make cheap mags?

Companies such as Cheap Mags, Best Deal Mag, Thrifty Mags, Value Mags, and Discount Mags all offer cheap mags. These companies specialize in this business, and have the best deals.

When was Cro-Mags created?

Cro-Mags was created in 1981.

Does walther p99 mags fit walther p22 mags?


Can you use sig 229 .40 mags in a sig 228 in 9mm?

No. The mags for the 9mm are different than the mags for a .40 S&W

How many bullets does a AK47 hold?

30 in Standard mags 40 in Extended mags 75 in Drum mags those were the common mags, there are also custom 60 round mags that look like 2 standard ones back to back that form a half-circle shape

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