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Rocks are labeled by 3 groups. Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary.

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What is orange calcite classified as?

Orange Calcite is found in Igneous and Metamorphic rocks.

Are sedimentary rocks classified tofoliated sedimentary rocks?

Metamorphic rocks are classified by foliation or lack there of, not sedimentary rocks. They are classified into Clastic Sedimentary, and Chemical Sedimentary.

How are rocks physically classified?

they are classified into 3 major kinds of rocksthey are the ;IGNEOUS ROCKS,SEDIMENTARY ROCKS,AND METAMORPHIC ROCKS

How can sedimentary rocks be classified?

sedimentary rocks can be classified by detrial, chemical ,or organic

How are rocks grouped or classified?

Rocks are classified by they way they are formed. There are three main classes of rocks: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

Igneous rocks are classified based upon their what?

Igneous rocks can be classified by their method of formation and by their mineralogy.

What is metamorphic rocks are classified according to?

They are classified by their composition.

How are sedimentry rocks classified?

They are classified by clastic and chemical.

Metamorphic rocks are classified into two groups?

The two main groups metamorphic rocks are classified are foliated rocks (meaning they have "bands"), and there are non-foliated rocks.

How does the size of a pluton relate to where it was found?

Plutons are classified by their size, shape and relationship to surrounding rocks ~Meag

How are igneous rocks classified according to composition-?

Igneous Rocks by Composition. Igneous rocks are classified according to their mineral content: Ultramafic rocks are dominated by olivine and/or pyroxene.

How do you classify clastic sedimentary rock?

Clastic sedimentary rocks are mainly classified into two types: a) Mechanically formed b) Organically formed Mechanically formed clastic rocks are further classified as: i) Rudaceous Rocks ii) Arenaceous Rocks iii) Argillaceous Rocks Organically formed clastic rocks are also further classified as: i) Calcarious Rocks ii) Carbonaceous Rocks

How are clastic rocks classified?

Clastic rocks are classified by the size of the rock fragments, or particles, of which they are made along with their mineralogical composition..

How rocks are classified?

they are classified becaus e of there color or something elss

How are intrusive features classified?

Intrusive features are typically classified as plutonic rocks, especially inside of a volcano. Comparatively, extrusive features are also classified as volcanic rocks.

Why are coal and rock limestone classified as organic sedimentary rocks?

The material comprising the rocks coal and limestone are derived from organisms. Therefore, they are classified as organic sedimentary rocks.

How are rocks classified put in groups?

all different ways like type volume color density where they are found etc.

How are chemical and organic rocks classified?

chemical rocks and organic rocks are classified by how they formed. Chemical rocks form from minerals that dissove in liquid crystalize. Organic rocks are formed when the remains of plants and animals are deposited in thick layers

What are volcanic rocks?

Volcanic rocks are classified as extrusive igneous rocks, forming from the solidification of lava.

WHAT ARE Mantle rocks classified as?

Mantle rock is classified as ultramafic igneous rock.

In what class of rocks should pumice be classified?

Pumice is classified as an igneous rock.

How are igneous rocks classified according to composition?

Igneous rocks are classified by either being intrusive or extrusive, then mafic or felsic then they are classified by either fine grain or course grained textures.

Can rocks be classified as non-living thing?

Rocks are non-living, so they not only can be, but must be classified as non-living things.

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