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yep!!!!! rocks are compounds .

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2020-11-05 14:40:22

this is false they are mixtures

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Are rocks compounds?

Rocks are compounds not mixtures :) hope this helped!

Is riverbed rocks compound?

A rock is a mixture of compounds.

Are compounds considered mixtures?

Compounds are not mixtures; mixtures are formed from compounds.

Are rocks a mixture element or compound?

Rocks are usually mixtures, but can be elements (sulfur or gold, for example), or compounds (limestone, for example.)

Are compounds made of mixtures?

what are the similarities of mixtures and compounds?

Write about mixtures and compounds?

•Write about mixtures & compounds?

Why are compounds and mixtures different?

Compounds are homogeneous, mixtures are heterogeneous.

Are homogeneous mixtures compounds?

homogenous mixtures are not compounds they are solutions.

How do mixtures differ from compounds?

mixtures differ from compounds because mixtures are made up of random things that have no similarities and compounds don't.

Do heterogeneous mixtures combine to form compounds?

No. Heterogeneous mixtures are not compounds.

Are spices compounds or mixtures?

They are mixtures!

What are 3 ways compounds and mixtures differ?

There are many ways that compounds and mixtures differ. One way is that compounds cannot be separated and mixtures can.

What are the differences and simularities between mixtures and compounds?

Mixtures are formed from two or more compounds. Mixtures can be separated by physical procedures but for compounds is impossible.

What is the same between compounds and mixtures?

Mixtures contain two or more compounds.

In which way do mixtures differ from compounds?

Mixtures contains two or more compounds.

What are some similarities and differences between mixtures and compound?

Compounds are chemically mixed. You can't see the ingredients, elements, etc. in compounds. Compounds make a new thing. Compounds can't be separted easily. Compounds can't contain mixtures. Mixtures are not chemically mixed. You can see the ingredients, elements, etc. in the mixture. Mixtures don't create anything new. Mixtures can be separated easliy. Mixtures can contain compounds. Both mixtures and compounds are mixes of things. Both mixtures and compounds contain 2 or more elements, ingredients, etc. Hope I helped!

Are coins compounds or mixtures?

I bealive they are mixtures.

What are mixtures elements and compounds composed of?

umm, mixtures are composed of elements and compounds i thought!

What other elements compounds and mixtures are involved in photosynthesis?

There Are No Other Elements or Compounds And Mixtures

Why dont compounds differ from mixtures?

Compounds differ from mixtures; the chemical composition is different !

Are alloys compounds or mixtures?

Elemental mixtures of (mainly) two ore more metals, they are not compounds.

Do homogeneous mixtures contain elements?

Yes, all the mixtures are formed from compounds or compounds and elements.

Are alloys compounds elements or mixtures?

Alloys are mixtures

What are two differences between compounds and mixtures?

compounds are chemically combined while mixtures are physically combined

Are people mixtures compounds or elements?

People are compounds.