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they are caused by erosion hope that helps

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Q: Are sea stacks caused erosion or deposition?
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Why sea caves are turned into stacks?

sea caves are turned into stacks because of the erosion and deposition of the sea waves gives rise to coastal land forms.

Are sea caves erosion or deposition?

Delta is deposition beach is deposition canyon is erosion sea cave is erosion sand dune is deposition

What type of erosion causes sea stacks?

water erosion

Is a sea stack an erosion or deposition?

Were sea cliffs formed by erosion or deposition?

Through Water and Erosion At least

How do Sea caves are turned into stacks?

The erosion and deposition of the sea waves gives rise to coastal land forms.seawaves continuously strike at the rocks cracks develop time they become larger and wider thus hollow like caves are formed on the rocks they are called sea caves.

Is a beach a result of erosion or deposition?

Deposition, slip off slopes for river beaches and finely ground stones being deposed by the sea :)

What is one way that waves cause erosion?

Wave-cut cliffs, headlands, sea stacks, sea arches, sea caves, beaches, sandbars, and spits.

How are sea stacks formed?

Waves pounding the shoreline can make cracks. The cracks then gradually get larger and turn into a small cave. When the cave wears through the headland, an arch forms. Further erosion causes the arch to collapse, leaving the pillar of hard rock standing away from the coast-the stack. Eventually, erosion will cause the stack to collapse, leaving a stump.

How are sea stacks formed and sea archs?

By erosion. Sea caves erode to become sea arches which erode to form sea stacks.

What are Sea floor trenches caused by?

Sea floor trenches are caused by erosion and under water volcanic occurrences

How are stacks found?

They are found by the coast and are formed by the headland being eroded by the sea, and turning into a cave, which turns into an arch from more erosion, then gets smashed into a stack by the sea.