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Yes they are, they are warm blooded and feed their young milk.

Seals are mammalian (mammals) and live among the regions of Antarctica and the south pole. They are the only hunters of penguins there apart from snow wolves. They have hair (whiskers) and have babies straight instead of hatching an egg (like reptiles, fish, birds, & insects).

Seals are endothermic vertebrates that suckle their young. Seals are classified in the Class Mammalia by taxonomists. In the class Mammalia, seals are placed in the order Pinnipedia or, more recently in the order Carnivora with cats and dogs and bears and hyaenas. Seals are known as marine or aquatic mammals.

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Yes, seals are mammals. This also includes similar aquatic animals like sea-lions and walrus. All are mammals of the order Pinnipedia. All give birth to live young.

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Q: Are seals mammals
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