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Are service dogs in training allowed in restaurant?


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June 10, 2012 2:31AM

Depends on your State Law.

In Florida, Service Dogs in Training (SDiT) have the same rights as a fully trained Service Dogs (SD).

California, is the same, with the exception that guide dog (for the blind) trainers must be qualified through the state professional board, just like a doctor or engineer.

GA, TN, and several other states require trainers to be employees or agents of a recognized service dog school.

The ADA does not cover service dogs in training, only fully trained.

Each state bridges the gap, usually by extending their disabled rights to cover trainers of service dogs, giving them the same rights as a fully disabled person with a trained service dog.

I live in Canada and Service Dogs are most welcome in any enviorment this sucks for Americans this is when I say I am extremely proud to be Canadian. I met a young woman at physician office and she suffered form epilepsy so her golden retriever is trained to alarm her. All dogs in Canada may go with owner shopping, dining and if they can see the movie theatre anywhere their heart desires even on bus HANDS DOWN for our laws


I would suggest that you look online for a site which lists State Laws for Service Dogs in Training, I've added a few links