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Q: Are shark eggs larger than ostrich?
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Is an ostrich taller than an elephant?

Yes, an adult ostrich is larger than an adult peacock.

What is the difference between an ostrich and parrot?

Ostriches are usually much larger than parrots, and also have larger eggs. Parrots are common pets as ostriches are usually wild.

What is the world largest egg?

Ostrich eggs, each of which are about equivalent to 2 dozen regular chicken eggs are the largest 'living' eggs. However in southern Madagascar there livid a bird called an Elephant Bird, and this laid the largest known egg. It is 15 times larger than an Ostrich egg.

Who is bigger the ostrich or the condor?


what is bigger a bird or a fish?

The largest fish, the whale shark, is larger than the largest bird, the ostrich. So a fish is bigger. Of course there are many fish that are smaller than many birds.

What makes the ostrich's egg the largest?

The Ostrich. Ostriches are currently the largest birds alive. However in the past there were larger birds that laid larger eggs. These were called "Elephant Birds" and lived on the island of Madagascar and in some of the eggs had a circumference of more than 1 m (3 ft 3 in) and a length up to 34 cm (13 in).

Which animal's eye is larger than its brain?


Which animal have larger eyes than their brain?

the ostrich

What is the bird that can lay an very big egg?

The largest bird is the ostrich, whose eggs weigh more than three pounds. However, in proportion to its size, the kiwi bird lays the biggest eggs for its body size. The kiwi is about the size of a chicken and its egg is almost as big as the egg of an emu, a much larger bird than the kiwi.

Are a birds eyes larger than it's brain?

The ostrich, the largest bird in the world, has one of the smallest brains in the animal kingdom. It's eyes actually measure to be larger than it's brain.

What do Goose look like?

They are big and kinda white.It is bigger than chicken eggs but smaller than ostrich eggs

Which is bigger an whale or a shark?

A whale is bigger and larger than a shark.