Are shrimp considered cockroach of the sea?

Well,um, I think shrimp and cooked roaches is distant casinds, very distant ya know. But you can really notis da rasemblans - da hard xoskeleton and all dat jazz. I wonder how a cooked cockroach will fart up with buttered shirmps. mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm Addin 2 dat shrimps are crustacans and cooked roaches are like soo good with pepper, tomatos and ah beer. Insects and crustaceans all belong under da category of enrthropods - animals which have joint legs. In lame mans term, there is three kind of enthrtopods - Insects, ants and their families, insects again, and Jeniffer Aniston. Now, just think bout dis Crustacans is nown 4 its larj size despite the presens of exoskeleton. Insects anywho can not grow as prety as a king crab because of they xoskeleton. Yet why do crustacans taste better when they are fried in olive oil? Why insects sooo do not? Insects growth are registred by the Earths gravity, they cannnot carry dat exoskleton if they is to become biger and there boy would like sooo be smashed by Gravitys force. Crustacans on my other hand grows on da sea where I love to swimm, get a tan and have a few beers is much better than da land. It is almost like zero gravity on dat,! on cocnlusion, ya the two have nice resemblance.