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Snails make their own shells.They make it with a muscle called the mantle.The mantle then releases liquid.When the liquid hardens it forms the shell.Later in the snails life the mantle releases more liquid and the shell becomes bigger.

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When do snails grow there shells?

snails are born with tiny bits of shells as the snails grow the shell grows with it twirling round to form the shell. hope this helps :]

How do snails grow their shells?

Snails grow their shells from the calcium in their bodies. It is secreted out of the mantle of the snail. There shells grow like our fingernails do.

Do snails change their shells?

no,as they grow their shells grow too

How do snails get their shells?

They grow them.

Do snails outgrow there shells?

No, they GROW with them.

Can snails detach from there shells?

yes they can because they grow and there shells cAN BE TO SMALL

Do aquarium snails out grow their shells?

yes they do

Can snails grow back their shells?

No, snails cannot grow back their shells; the shell wall is attached to the organs and blood supply of the snail. If the shell were to be removed, the snails would die soon after.

Do snails grow out of their shells?

No, their shells actually grow with them, which is pretty cool. A younger snail will have a very small shell while an older snails will have a bigger shell.

How do you get snails out of their shells?

You don't. Snails grow to their shells through a thin layer of skin. If you pick them from their shells you may very well kill or injure them.

Do sea snails shells grow themselves or do you have to get a new one?

Snails secrete and grow their own shells, like fingernails. A special tissue called the mantle produces the shell.

Can a snail shell grow out the snail?

No. Unlike animals like hermit crabs (who have to change their shells whenever they grow out of it), shells for snails grow WITH it.

Where do sea snails get there shells?

when they born

Are snails born with a shell?

Snails are Born with ShellsWhen the snail is born, the shell it has is called a protoconch.

Do baby garden snails have shells when they are born?

Yes! Garden snails hatch from eggs with their shells fully developed.

How do snails grow there shells?

They dont grow them, they find them. When they are born, they have to find a small enough shell for them that is comfortable to wear. As snails get older and grow bigger, they have to find a new, bigger shell because they outgrew their old one.

Why do snails find other shells if they can make them?

Snails grow a shell that stays with them their entire life. They don't find larger ones as they grow.

Do all snails have shells?

All snails have shells but not all Gastropods have shells. Snails are in the gastropod family.

When slugs grow out of their shell are they now slugs?

they are still slugs No, because slugs don't have shells on the outside of their body, they do have shells on the inside of their body though. Snails have shells on the outside and they don't grow out of their shells.

Do snails come out of their eggs with a shell?

Snails are Born with ShellsWhen the snail is born, the shell it has is called a protoconch

Do newly hatched garden snails have shells?

Yes, all snails are born with a shell.

Do snails have to move into larger shells as they grow?

No, a snails's shell grows with the snail. They grow their own shell/

Can sea water snails grow back there shells?

No, a sea snail can't grow its shell back.

Does a snail shell grow with the snail?

Yes, ALL snails have shells that grow with them. The mantle deposits Calcium carbonate in layers, the grain of a snails shell is the result of this action.

How do snails transfer shells?

Snails live their whole lives in the same shell growing more whorls as they grow larger and older.

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