Are spirits real?

Spirits are only real if you or a loved one has a bad past with someone and they have passed away.

Yes spirits are real. If you are a Christian then you will see in the Bible that spirits are real. And yes, spirits can be good and bad. Good spirits are normally spirits from heaven - also known as angels. The bad spirits are normally demons from hell. But if you live a good life and have a good relationship with God hopefully you can be a good spirit from heaven.

Spirits are real whether there is a bad past or not. I believe all sorts of things about spirits. I guess that maybe I believe more simply because it feels safer and reassuring to think that when your body can no longer function, it does not mean it is the end.

Another view

No spirits are not real. They, along with vampires, werewolves and mermaids, are figments of the mind. Used in the past to frighten and control the ignorant.