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it is a producer and consumer in its own respective ways.

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Easy bear says a producer or consumer is the bear said a producer or

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Q: Are sponges decomposers or producers
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Are sponges producers or consumer?

they are decomposers....i think :p

Are sea sponges decomposers?

No, sea sponges are not decomposers. Sponges are filter feeders.

Are cardinals decomposers producers or consumers?

are cardinals producers decomposers or consumers

Are archaebacteria producers consumers or decomposers?

They are all of them

Are plants producers or decomposers?

They are producers.

Are bryozoans decomposers,producers or consumers?


Is a fungi a decomposers or producers?

Fungi are decomposers .

Are leeches consumers producers or decomposers?


are giant clams producers consumers or decomposers?

are giant clams producers decomposers or consumers

Is fungi producers or consumers decomposers.?

Fungi are decomposers .

Are flower decomposers?

Plants and flowers are not decomposers. They are producers.

Are seed decomposers?

Seeds and plants are not decomposers. They are producers.