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your a bad kid

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Q: Are spoof comedy and parody comedy the same?
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What is a parody movie called?

A spoof.

What is the other word of spoof?

hoax - parody

What is a six letter word for spoof?


What is a synonym for parody?

One common synonym for parody is "farce." Others include "spoof" and "tie-in."

Does humor and comedy mean the same thing?

Basically. However, comedy can imply a parody of an originally serious production.

What is the difference between spoof and parody?

Not much, the two terms are synonymous.

What is A sentence with 'spoof' in it?

The comedy sketch was a hilarious spoof of a popular TV show.

What word might mean a parody?

satire charade lampoon mockery put-on spoof

What are the release dates for Squidbillies - 2005 Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen 3-14?

Squidbillies - 2005 Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen 3-14 was released on: USA: 27 April 2008

What is a western spoof?

I is a old western comedy but they are now modernly called old western comedy.

Is there a Nightmare on Elm St spoof?

There has not bee a spoof of Nightmare On Elm Street as of yet.There is a parody of Scream and Friday The 13th called Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The Thirteenth.

What are the five characteristics of a parody?

Comedy, mocking, sarcasm