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Are stingrays used for sea scallops?

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I have been fishing, preparing, cooking and serving stingray, skate and shark meat for more than 40 years; and I can tell you, definitively, that the majority of seafood restaurants serve cookie-cutter plugs of stingray, skate and shark as "sea scallops"...

Anyone who is well familiar with the texture of stingray, skate and shark can INSTANTLY identify the bogus scallops. True sea scallops and bay scallops DO NOT have striated (fibrous) muscle tissue, as do sharks, stingrays and skates. A bogus scallop will look like a cross-section of striated muscle tissue. A TRUE scallop has a smooth, uniform texture.

There are many chefs out there who will SWEAR that it's illegal to market shark and stingray as "real" scallops, but that is simply not true. It's my conjecture that such chefs are covering their own practice of substituting shark and stingray for other delicacies on their menus.

If there are such laws, then seafood restaurants all over the USA are violating those laws with impunity, no doubt because such laws are not stringently enforced.

The argument that sea scallops and bay scallops are more plentiful and are cheaper than stingray, skate and shark meat is also preposterous. Bay scallop populations in U.S. waters are on the decline for various reasons, and many of their marine habitats have been declared endangered, under federal protection. Being on the endangered list DOES NOT precipitate lower scallop prices.

Small, whitemeat sharks and stingrays, on the other hand, are abundant in U.S. coastal waters in the EXTREME, and very few sharks, skates and stingrays are on the endangered species list. These boneless, whitemeat fish are REGULARLY used as substitutes for a whole range of marine delicacies, and most unobservant consumers can't tell the difference.

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Can you eat stingrays?

yes you can. there are actually recipes online for stingray scallops

What are scallops?

scallops are a type of sea food

Are scallops known by other names?

Scallops are also called Bay Scallops or Sea Scallops, and/or Calico Scallops.

How do you freeze sea scallops?

It is okay to freeze sea scallops. If you need to clean the scallops then do so. Wrap the scallops tightly in plastic wrap freezer bag. Place the scallops in the coldest part of your freezer.

How many stingrays are there in the whole sea?

how many stingrays are their in the world

What are scallops enemies?

The predators of scallops are crab, fish, sea stars, and lobsters. Humans also eat scallops. The sea scallop eats mainly phytoplankton and zooplankton.

How much do stingrays eat?

Stingrays are not very active and tend to graze on many different smaller animals throughout the day. Stingrays will eat about 3 pounds of fish, shrimp, smaller fish and scallops per day.

Are sea scallops endangered?

No sea scallops are not endangered because they are continously reproducing so basiccly they might never go endangered

How many points in sea scallops?

Per the Weight Watchers site, a serving of ten (broiled not fried) sea scallops (larger by comparison to bay scallops) is ten points. That works out to one point per scallop.

How many scallops per person for appetizers?

bay scallops - 4-6 per person for appetizer sea scallops - 1 per person for an appetizer

What does a live sea scallop look like?

If the only scallops you have seen are those in a seafood restaurant or on your plate, you may not recognize a live sea scallop. Sea scallops are shellfish with scalloped edges.

When do scallops mate?

scallops mate while the sea water is warm because then they feel safe in warm water

What is the collective noun for scallops?

There is no standard collective noun for scallops. A collective noun is an informal part of language, any noun that suits the situation can function as a collective noun. You could borrow the collective noun from clams and oysters, a bed of scallops, or you can be more creative, for example, a scoop of scallops, a sea of scallops, a skillet of scallops, etc.

Do sea turtles eat stingrays?

no that is very unlickley

How do stingrays adapt to the sea?

One thing to be sure of, is that you don't get STINGRAYS and MANTARAYS confused. Mantarays sip..stingaz don't

What are 3 consumers in a ocean?

Sea stars, Scallops,and small fish

What are the names of creature that live on the sea bed?

Stingrays live on the sea bed. They blend in with sand.

What are scallops preditors?

lobsters, crabs, and fishes, but their primary predatoris the sea star.

What creature live on sea bed?

Dusky or Sand Flathead and Stingrays

What are the release dates for A Lyon in the Kitchen - 2007 Seared Sea Scallops 1-3?

A Lyon in the Kitchen - 2007 Seared Sea Scallops 1-3 was released on: USA: 12 April 2007

What are some entrees that begin with the letter S?

· salmon · sausage · scallops · sea scallops · shrimp · sirloin steak · spaghetti · steak · stew · stuffed peppers · swordfish

Is it true that stingrays fly?

It is not ture that stingray can fly but i did find facts about stingrays : * a stingrays lifespan is from 15 to 25 years. * ancient greek dentists used the venom from the stingrays spaine as a anes- thetic.

How do stingrays stay safe?

stingrays will often shift themselves on the sea bed in order to cover themselves in sand to disguise themselves. Also Stingrays have poisonous barbs on the back of the tails which in consequence, stings off the attacker.

What do sea scallops eat?

plankton and detritus (fallen particles from the ocean that collect at the bottom)

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