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school children are are stakholders and people are tall and can be short.

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Q: Are students considered internal stakeholders of a school?
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What are the major stakeholders in a local school community and their roles?

parents students

How importants involvement of all stakeholders of the school programs and activities?

Stakeholders play a big role in the educational system. They are considered as the partners in the success of the school children.

Are parents the school's stakeholder?

Parents are one of a schools' stakeholders, because they have an interest in the quality and kind of education the school provides to their children. Other stakeholders include teachers, administrators, students, support staff, and members of the community at large.

What is internal school suspension?

Internal School Suspension is when you are on the school campus physically but you cannot interact with the other students there .. you will be in a separate part of the school doing your work quietly for the whole day.

Disadvantages of internal assessments in education?

the teachers within the school may give hints to students about internal assessment so it is not learners are not challenged by the internal assessments. Learners need to be challenged by the assessments.... but as for external assessments students are expected to know everything because there is no requires students to compete...

What are the roles of stakeholder in school?

'Stakeholders' refers to anyone who has an interest in (or is affected/influenced by) the school. This will include parents, students, teachers, cleaners, dinner ladies, governors, volunteers, Ofsted and local government to name a few.

Why internet considered as disadvantage to high school students?

because the kids get on the wrong sites

Does sixth grade have to be in middle school?

No, in my school district sixth grade is in intermediate school. Only seventh and eighth graders are considered to be middle school students.

Hallyho High School is only private high school in town Students pay a substantial tuition to attend this school Schooling there is considered to have?


Who are other stakeholders in implementing the curriculum?

Apart from teachers and students as stakeholders in curriculum implementation, other stakeholders include among others are: Parents Principals/headmasters/headmistress Government School board Inspectors Publishing house Community(mosque, church) Ministry of Education Non-Governmental Organisation(NGOs) In a nut-shell, a stakeholder is a person who in one way or the other contribute or benefit from the curriculum development and implementation.

Is Juilliard school of music art and drama public or private?

Juilliard is a charter school. So in regards to your question, it would be considered a private school. The students have to pay tuition.

Biggest school in the world in the world?

City Montessori School in Lucknow, India is considered one of the biggest schools in the world with over 55,000 students.