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No, brown sugar is less refined. no brown sugar is much healthier, and brown

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Q: Are sugar and brown sugar the same?
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What color is raw sugar?

Raw sugar is brown... but it is NOT the same as brown sugar.

Does brown sugar come from the same sugar cane as white sugar?

White sugar is brown sugar that has been refined. It is from the same plant.

Is cane sugar and brown sugar the same?


Can you substitute granulated brown sugar with brown sugar?

Yes, they are the same thing ;)

Is brown sugar the same as granulated sugar?


Is heroin and brown sugar same?

brown sugar is the mixture of monoacetyle morphine and unreacted morphine,its color is brown so its called brown sugar

What is a cube of brown sugar?

brown sugar shaped like a cube. ever heard of sugar cubes? well same thing only brown sugar cubes

Can you substitute granulated sugar for brown sugar?

you could but the results will not be the same

What is the chemical formula for brown sugar?

The chemical formula for brown sugar is the same as the formula for white sugar. It is C12H22O11. Hope that helps :)

What does brown sugar do in baking?

In baking, brown sugar essentially does the same thing as regular table sugar does. In fact, brown sugar is white sugar, only with molasses added. The molasses adds a certain color, a little more sweetness and moisture, and a little different taste, but by and large, the brown sugar does the same job as regular sugar in baking.

When substituting brown sugar for granular sugar are the measurements the same in cups?

not really, brown sugar has to be packed into the measuring cup to get an accurate measurement. granulated sugar just has to be leveled in the cup. besides that its the same.

Is the milligrams of sugar measured the same in brown sugar as in regular cane sugar?

No. According to there is only 211.66 grams of sugar in brown sugar. More in regular cane sugar.

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