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Q: Are teachers allowed to give home work during the standard based assessment?
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Are teachers allowed to check you whether you have a hidden device during final exams?

Yes schools are private.

If teachers have a mobile phone should children have one in class to?

No mobile phones should be allowed during lessons. Not by the teacher and not by the pupils.

How long can a child stay in detention at dinner time?

Teachers shouldn't be allowed to keep Kids in during dinner time. ITS MEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAN!!!

Can kids use ipods during class?

It depends on the teachers and the school distric and elementry kids are not allowed at all. middle school kids can.

Can you give you a sentence using assessment?

During my assessment, I was evaluated on my performance.

Stress that occurs when a student is preparing for an assessment about to take an assessment or during an assessment is referred to as?

test anxiety

Why was Jesus allowed to debate the elders when he was 12 years old when children are not allowed to speak in the temple during this time?

The temple was the place for the offering of sacrifices. Maybe you are thinking of the synagogue. Jesus was not debating, he was sitting listening to the teachers and asking them questions. Where does the Scripture say this was not allowed?

Is Gordon's Functional assessment part of a system used to collect data?

Yes, during the health assessment.

Are you allowed to have a snack break in middle school in MA?

I guess you must be, since I am in 7th grade in a MA middle school, and they let us have snack. However, we don't get a real "break", but just eat in class anytime between nine and ten. So we can take out food and eat in second and the beginning of third period.It really depends on your teacher. I've had teachers who allowed snacks and drinks as long as it wasn't disruptive, teachers who just allowed water, teachers who didn't allow anything, and teachers who gave us 5 minutes in the middle of class for a break (during a 90 minute class). There is no real "law" that i know of that prohibits teachers from giving a break to students (But that doesn't mean you're allowed to take your own break).

What other issues that commanders must consider affect the quality and accuracy of the assessment?

a number of Soldiers and leaders are absent during the assessment.

What are the three areas normally addressed during the risk assessment?

The three risk assessment activities include threat, vulnerability and asset.

What other issues that commanders must conside affect the quality and accuracy of the assessment data?

a number of Soldiers and leaders are absent during the assessment.