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No. They are not brothers in real life.Just bestfriends

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โˆ™ 2010-03-04 20:32:07
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Q: Are the Dudley Boys really brothers?
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Are the boys from one direction really brothers?

No the boys from one direction are not really brothers

When did Dudley Boys Grammar School end?

Dudley Boys Grammar School ended in 1975.

Can the Jonas Brothers really sing?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers can really sing. They are not lip synching or editing their voices. It is really the boys who are singing.

Is spike out of the dudley boys dead?

Spike Dudley is no longer wrestling with the Dudley Boyz, but he's alive and well. See related link.

What name is edge and christian?

The Dudley Boys

Does dudley have any brothers or sisters?

No. He is an only child.

Do girls love boys different than boys love girls?

It's really the same. Except for when it comes to the Jonas brothers.

Are the boys from Mindless Behavior borthers?

Not by blood they are just really close friends who are like brothers

When was Brothers Old Boys created?

Brothers Old Boys was created in 1905.

Backstreet Boys toured with Jonas Brothers?

No the Jonas brothers have never toured with the Backstreet Boys.

Is the Naked Brothers Band a real band?

kind of. The boys are really musicians in a band, but the show isn't real, and I'm pretty sure their band isn't really called the naked brothers band.

Are the boys on One Direction brothers?

No, but they are all just really close friends and get along very well.

How old is Kishaya Dudley?

Kishaya Dudley is around 29 years old.She really grown shm

What happend to dudley when the dursleys refused to let mrWeasley help dudley?

Arthur Weasley finally fixed his tongue (after Harry and the other boys have left).

Are Jonas Brothers really brothers?

Yes they are really brothers.

Is bowwow and soulja boys brothers?

No they are not Brothers they were really close friends got in some beef for no reason said sorry to each other and now they are good friends again

Have the Hardy's ever beat the dudley's?

Yes, the Hardy boys have beaten the Dudleys in a match :)

When was Marist Brothers Old Boys RFC created?

Marist Brothers Old Boys RFC was created in 1908.

Is all of the boys from one direction brothers?

None of them are brothers!

Is the boys in 112 brothers?


Are nat and Alex really brothers?

really close brothers

What religion was Lord Robert Dudley?

robert dudley was spanish and was not that powerful because he didnt really know what people wanted and that many people didnt really lke robert dudley he was born on 13/07/1898 and died on 28/08/1936 he died of a heart attack

Who is more famous Backstreet Boys or Jonas brothers?

the backstreets boys

Who curses the most out of the Jonas Brothers?

i honestly hope that the Jonas brothers dont curse a lot, but no one knows who does the most,think the boys are a little more classy and dont really do it at all

Is the Mindless Behavior boys brothers?