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Yowane Haku is a voyakiloid, it basically means a failure Vocaloid. I don't yet know what neru is though, sorry!

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Q: Are the characters yowane haku and akita neru UTAUloids?
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Who is akita neru paired with?

She is paired with Yowane Haku or Akita Nero

Who is yowane haku?

Yowane Haku is one of the many vocaloid mascots/characters, vocaloid is a computer system used to create artificial voices for characters, which are then paired to animations and background music created by a real band.

What is haku yowane's number?

Haku Yowane doesn't have a number, because she is not a real Vocaloid. She has DTM written on her arm instead.

How old is yowane haku?

She's 16

Who are the vocaloid characters?

This is the only answers i know ^_^ Hatsune Miku Rin Kagamine Len Kagamine Luka Megurine Meiko Kaito Akita Neru Kasane Teto Yowane Haku While these are certainly all characters used in Vocaloid videos and such, there are several more and Neru and Haku are fanmade, while Teto is a popular UTAU.

Who is Haku Yowane?

Clarise (Haku Yowane) : "Daughter of White". She works for Keel Freesis as a maid and best friends with Michaela . She feels like shes an inferior in her country because she is the only girl with white hair instead of green .

What are the Vocaloids in the Honey video?

The Vocaloids who appear are Meiko Sakine who is basically a younger version of MEIKO. Rin and Len Kagamine, Miku Hatsune, KAITO, and Yowane Haku. There is also Teto Kasane an UTAUloid, and Neru Akita a popular fanmade.

What is a good Vocaloid song for inspiration?

Well, it all depends on what type of inspiration you need!If your looking for some sad songs:Daughter of white by Yowane Haku, or Uninstall by Yowane Haku.But if your looking for some upbeat, unique cute songs:Triple Baka by Hatsune Miku, Kasane Teto, and Akita Neru, and you could check out World is mine by Hatsune Miku.If your looking for something sad, unique with a interesting storyline you should check out the Daughter of Evil series:1.Servant of evil-Len Kagamine2.Daughter of evil-Rin Kagamine3.Daughter of white-Yowane Haku (Yeah, I know I just listed that!)Hope I helped!-Elissam7

What is the name of yowane haku's brother?

her brother is called Honne Dell which means to speak true hidden feelings and his character item is a packet of ciggarettes or a Dell laptop.

Where can you find a list of all the existing vocaloids including fanmades besides the vocaloid wiki?

There is no any other VOCALOIDs. All vocals found in VOCALOID wikia are the original VOCALOIDs made buy actual music/recording companies. Haku Yowane, Akita Neru, and Hatsune Mikuo etc. are fanmade based of the VOCALOIDs voicebanks.

Do they make a yowane haku costume?

Yes, a lot of Japanese cosplay companies do. I have ordered one from Hello Cosplay. A lot of companies have it in shades of blue in stead of purple, though. Some sites do allow you to change the colours.

Ntsd 2.4 Secret characters?

haku's code is brrrrr ton-ton's code is bacon

Does Naruto kill Haku?

No, Naruto does not kill Haku. Kakashi kills Haku when Haku goes between him and Zabuza.

Does haku kill Sasuke?

no but haku dies

What does Haku mean in Japanese?

Haku is Japanese for 'white'.

When was Haku born?

Maki Haku was born in 1924.

Who are all the characters on naruto clash of ninjas 1?

all of the characters are naruto,kyuubi naruto sasuke sakura kakashi, sharingan kakashi, haku, zabuza, and rock lee

When did Maki Haku die?

Maki Haku died in 2000.

When was Maki Haku born?

Maki Haku was born in 1924.

When was Shinkun Haku born?

Shinkun Haku was born in 1958.

Why did haku tell chihro he love her?

because i love haku also

Who plays Haku in the movie Spirited Away?

Haku was voiced by Jason Marsden .

Who killed Haku?

Kakashi did, when he was going to kill Zabuza, Haku took the blow.

When was Haku Shah born?

Haku Shah was born on 1934-03-26.

What has the author Haku Kohiyama written?

Haku Kohiyama has written: 'Genjin no koi'