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Q: Are the friction losses of an induction machine linear?
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Are the friction losses of the machine linear in induction motor electrical machines?


How lubericating a machine affects the output force exerted by the machine?

It maximizes it, by reducing the internal losses to friction.

What causes a machine to be efficient?

Reduction of losses, such as those due to friction, makes a machine more efficient.

Why is a machine is never 100 efficient?

Entropy. There are always losses - usually by friction.

What are the losses have an induction machines?

A three phase induction machine have the Following losses:- 1. Stator core loss 2.Stator Ohmic loss 3.Rotor core loss 4.Rotor ohmic loss 5.Friction losses 6.windage losses 7.Stray losses 8.Also it'll depends upon the types of motor as if it is a slip ring type IM then it will have sparking losses at slip contact etc etc which are very small in comparison to above losses. Regards,,

Why can't a machine be a 100 percent efficient?

Generally, friction losses redcuce efficiency.

How do you increased machine efficiency?

By reducin friction between the machine parts and also by avoiding any sorts of power losses.

Why is it impossible for the output work of a machine to be greater than the machine's input work?

There are always energy losses within the machine due to inertia, friction, etc.

What can you do to increase the efficiency of a machine?

Reduce losses from friction so forth in transmission of power. Ensure fuel utilized to the fullest.

What are the various losses occurring in induction motors?

what are the various losses occurring in the motors

Why the efficiency of induction motor is less than that of transformer?

induction motor has mechanical losses whereas transformer is a static device the mechanical losses are absent hence induction motor has less efficiency

Why is the actual mechanical advantage of a machine different from a machine's deal mechanical advantage?

The "ideal mechanical advantage" makes some simplifying assumptions, mainly that there are no losses, for example, due to friction. If there ARE losses, this will reduce the real mechanical advantage.

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Are the friction losses of the machine linear in induction motor electrical machines?

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