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Q: Are the legendary skylanders characters better than the normal ones?
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What is the difference between normal skylanders and legendary ones?

No there isn't really a difference except for its color and boxing

What is the difference between legendary and normal in Skylanders Spyro's Adventure?

The legendaries are blue and gold, and have stronger stats.

Can normal skylanders be in skylanders giants?

Of course.

Can you use the normal skylanders on the skylanders giants game?

Yes, you can.

What is the fire giant in skylanders giants?

it will be a mix between all of the normal fire skylanders in one

Is zangoose a legendary Pokemon card?

No. Sorry but this is my answer. Its a normal type and you don't see normal legendary Pokemon but I not sure if there is a normal legendary.AnswerActually, regigigas is a normal type legendary Pokemon.

Can legendary PokΓ©mon have an egg with a normal PokΓ©mon?

No. Legendary Pokemon can't have eggs at all

What skylander is Tree Rex?

Tree Rex is the confirmed life giant skylander in 'Skylanders Giants". He will supposedly be in the Skylanders Giants Starter along with two others and is twice the size of stealth elf. Skykanders Giants is the sequel to Skylanders Spyros Adventure and is coming this fall. 16 new skylanders (8 normal size. 8 giants) along with 24 remodeled old skylanders. SuperathleteRox😜

Do you have to be on legendary to get skulls on Halo 3?

No you only have to be on normal.

Is PokΓ©mon donphan a legendary PokΓ©mon?

No. It is a normal pokemon.

What is dark spyro?

Dark Spyro is a evil form of Spyro I think Dark Spyro is controlled by Malefore in skylanders he acts as normal as regular spyro(skylanders is a reboot so thats what to expect)

Is Tyranitar a normal Pokemon?

Yes, it's a normal Pokemon because it isn't a legendary.

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