Are the o's long or short in postpone?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Both O's have the long O (oh) sound. The E is silent.

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Q: Are the o's long or short in postpone?
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What kind of vowel sound do both o's have in this word postpone?

In the word "postpone," both o's have a short vowel sound (as in "pot" or "top").

How can you use postpone in a short sentence?

One of his favorite tricks is to postpone any payments that are due.

How do you pronounce Jan Van Os Long o or short o in Os?

The "o" in "Os" in Jan van Os is pronounced with a short "o" sound. So it is pronounced as "Jan van Oss".

What is the future tense of postpone?

The future tense of postpone is will postpone.

How can you put postpone in a sentence?

Let's postpone the presentation.

What is the abstract noun for postpone?

The abstract noun forms of the verb to postpone are postponement and the gerund, postponing.

What kind of vowel sound do both O's have in the word postpone?

Both 'o' sounds are long, as in the word 'oh'. However, in informal speech the first 'o' may be shortened to an indeterminate sound, and the 't' not pronounced at all, making it something like p'spone.

Do you use a hyphen in the word postpone?

No. that is the way it is spelled: postpone.

Postpone or delay sentence is called what?

Filing an appeal will postpone the execution of a prisoner sentenced to death.

How do you use the word Postpone in a sentence?

Rather than postpone the football game, the clubs played in another nearby city.

What does the Hebrew word dakha דָּחָה mean in English?

To postpone

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