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The ovaries are an organ in a female.

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Q: Are the ovaries male or female?
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What are the male and female primary sex organs?

male: penis, testicles, sperm female: vagina, ovaries, uterus

Is a ovary a female or male?

Ovaries can only be found in females.

What are the reproductive hormones produced by the male and female reproductive organs?

primarily, male testes = testosterone, female ovaries = estrogen

What are the primary sex organs for male and female?

male: penis, testicles, sperm female: vagina, ovaries, uterus

The female reproductive organ structure that is homologous to the male scrotum is the?

the ovaries

Where does gametogenesis take place in male and female?

Gametogenesis in the male takes place in the male testes and the female ovaries. Gametogenesis means production of sex cells.

What female reproductive structure is functionally homologous to the testes?

The female reproductive organ that is functionally similar to the male testes is the ovaries. They store the female reproductive cells, the eggs. However, unlike the testes, they do not make the reproductive cells.

What are the male and female reproduction organs?

female reproductive organs:ovaries/ovaryuteruscervixvaginavulvafallopian tubesmale reproductive organs:penisscrotumtesticle/testesepididymisvas deferensprostate glandurethra

Does a male crab have roe?

Does a male human have ovaries? No. Roe are not ovaries. Whereas a female crab's roe is composed of her eggs, a male crab's roe is his sperm. This is why male and female roe have different taste and consistency. If male crabs did not have roe, crabs would not be able to reproduce, and they would die out.

What part of the male reproductive system has the same functions as the fallopian tubes in the female reproductive system?

The ovaries of the female are analogous or comparable to the testes of the male.

What two organs make a baby?

The male and female reproductive organs create babies. For the male, these are the penis and testes. For the female, these are the ovaries, vagina, and uterus.

What is gonads?

A testes is a male gonad of the reproductive system.