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Q: Are the weak candidates are more likely to be nominated in an open primary than a closed primary?
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Are the weak candidates more likely to be nominated in an open primary than in a closed primary?


Democratic presidential primary candidates are most likely to be nominated by their respective parties if they have which political philosophy?

its the best ray romano

Who were the candidates parties during 1868?

The two major candidates in 1848 were the winner, Zachary Taylor , who ran as a Whig and Lewis Cass, Democrat from Michigan. Martin Van Buren, ran on the anti-slavery Free Soikl ticket. He did not win any electoral votes, but polled 10.1 % of the popular vote and likely swung the election in New York,Massachusetts and Vermont to Taylor.

Would Obama's defeat have ruined it for all other black presidential candidates?

No. It could have hurt future black candidates if Obama was not re-elected, but his success at begin nominated and elected (twice) will make it easier for future black candidates regardless of what happens in his two terms. That being said, if he fails to fulfill his plans to help the US recover, it could make voters even less likely to put their trust in such promises in the future.

Which statement describes a primary role of political parties in helping citizens engage with the U.S. government?

increasing citizens' in politics by encouraging them to see opposing parties as the enemy making voting simpler by indicating what positions candidates associated with the party are likely to late motivating citizens to take action on political issues

When a contest between two candidates is very close are people more likely to vote?

more likely to vote

Are public libraries closed on Mother's Day?

It is very likely that public libraries are closed on Mother's Day because it is on a Sunday.

What most likely to have enmity for one another?

Opposing candidates during an election.

If schools are closed are after school actives closed?

Not necessarily, but it is very likely after school activities would be closed when school is closed. School officials would make that decision.

When a contest between two candidates is very close people vote how?

more likely to vote.

What is likely to be the least biased source of information on the candidates in an election?

Local newspaper. (study island)

Were Virginia Beach schools closed for Veterans day in 2012?

The schools were closed for Veterans Day in 2013, so it is likely that they were closed for Veterans Day in 2012, too.