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There is no such planet. This is all a myth.

The only thing I could find on Nibiru is Wormwood a star that is mentioned in Revelations. People say it's going to arrive here in 2012 and cause a poleshift, but personally I think it's a bunch of Bull. Nibiru is not the planet you are looking for, it is Marduk or Planet X which are the same.


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There is no planet Nibiru. It is a myth, so any depictions of size or color would be fiction. (see related link)

Nibiru doesn't exist. It's not close to Earth or any other planet.

Yes, absolutely. There is no planet, or asteroid, or any celestial object named "Nibiru", and the specifications given to "Nibiru" cannot exist. "Nibriu" was the name of a Babylonian god of the underworld; perhaps that's an appropriate name for a mythical but scary non-planet.

"Planet X" is a temporary title given to a newly discovered planet with no official designation. The title is dispensed with once a planet is given a permanent designation. There is no specific planet called "Planet X." Several planets, including Pluto, have been called this before being named. Believers of the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory sometimes claim that "Planet X" is the name that NASA has given "Nibiru," a mythical planet-like object, as part of a cover up. As 'Planet X' might be any planet, it might be any size.

Followers of the Nibiru myth claim a wide variety of things about Nibiru. It was originally claimed to be a large terrestrial planet, about four times Earth's size. However, many supporters of the myth now claim that it is a large star. The star V838 Mon is often purported to be "Nibiru." However, there is no scientific support for any of the fantastic story.

Nibiru doesn't exist. It will not destroy any countries.

Nibiru is (in the Akkadian language) the name for Planet Jupiter, So it does exist.As planet X or doomsday 2012, no reputable investigator recognizes the existence of any such body. It doesn't exist.The technical concept from Babylonian astronomy doesexist.If you are referring to Nibiru the "doomsday" planet hypothesized by Zecharia Sitchin and others, there is no such thing, and no "mainstream" astronomer recognizes such an object because there is no evidence it exists. Any large planet in the solar system close enough to affect us would have been discovered long ago. Any images or videos of such a planet you might see on the internet are simply hoaxes or something else entirely.

Yes and no. "Planet X" is a designation given temporarily to any new planet with no name. It does not refer to a specific planet, and once a planet is given a name, 'Planet X' is discarded as a title. Several planets, including Pluto, have been referred to as "Planet X."Supporters of the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory sometimes claim that "Planet X" is NASA's method of keeping "Nibiru," a mythical, large planet-like object, secret, as part of a cover up. There is no scientific foundation for this "theory."

That's a rather difficult question; "Planet X" is a temporary title that may refer to any planet that may or may not exist, or does not have a permanent designation. Therefore, as "Planet X" may be any newly found planet that has yet to be confirmed, it may have nearly anything on it. For a while, Pluto was referred to as "Planet X," but was then verified and given a permanent name.Believers of the Nibiru Cataclysm Theory sometimes claim that "Planet X" is the name NASA has given to "Nibiru," a mythical planet-like object, as part of a conspiracy/cover up. There is no scientific foundation for this "theory."

There is no planet Nibiru. The descriptions and forecasts that involve that entity are internally inconsistent and self-contradictory, have changed drastically during the 20 years or so since they began, hold a place of honor in the body of popular but baseless stuff known as "pseudo-" or "junk-" science, and are uniformly discounted by the real scientists who have any idea of what they're talking about.

There are many planets outside of our Solar System - 400+ Within our Solar System, none are expected. There is "talk" of a planet X - Nibiru, but there is no scientific nor visual reason why this "hypothetical" planet actually exists.

I don't think any one nows because it's so far away. NASA doesn't even have real photos of (Eris/nibiru/xena). They do predict how it looks. But that's it.

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never,because it does not exist,what is out there south of the Orion belt near mensa behind octans and blocked out by Google is far far more deadly than any planet,a black hole,and its on our doorstep,good luck folks,you will need it.

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Recently, there have been a lot of false myths spread about a strange planet called Nibiru that comes through the solar system every 3600 years and causes major destruction, but these are just myths without any scientific evidence to back them up. Here are some of the false claims about Nibiru and explanations about why they're false: # Nibiru is the size of Jupiter -- We have observed dwarf planets on the far edges of the solar system thousands of times smaller than Jupiter. If something as large as Jupiter was out there, it would be easily visible to amateur astronomers worldwide.# Nibiru is bright like a second sun -- Do you see a second sun shining in the sky at night? No, neither do I.# Nibiru will pass by us on December 21, 2012 -- In order for Nibiru to get to us in the next 4 years, it would have to be closer than the orbit of Saturn, making it easily visible in the sky. # Nibiru can be seen at location 05:34:30,-02:10:13 in Microsoft's telescope program -- First take a look at Jupiter, that is the size and brightness of object you are looking for. Then go to those coordinates, and see what you think.# The inhabitants of Nibiru are Gods that created humans on Earth # Nibiru can't be seen right now because it's behind the Sun -- The Earth keeps moving around the Sun in our orbit. Anything that's behind the Sun now would be visible in a month. But the claims about Nibiru being hidden behind the Sun have continued for years. This also contradicts the coordinates given in item #4. # You can only see Nibiru from certain places on Earth -- All objects in the southern sky are visible everywhere in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, and in part of the northern hemisphere as well. Similarly, all objects in the northern sky are visible everywhere in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, and in part of the southern hemisphere.# NASA set up an observatory in Antarctica to track Nibiru -- Antarctica has the advantage of high altitude and dry air, but you can't see anything there that can't be seen in the rest of the southern hemisphere (see previous item) and Antarctica gets continuous sunlight from September through March, making an observatory completely unusable for half the year. Also, the coordinates given in item #4 are in the northern sky, not visible from Antarctica. Nibiru is the ancient Akkadian name for the planet Jupiter.

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If NASA is hiding the existence of Nibiru, they are exerting immense funding to keep non-governmental individuals and organizations from publishing any findings regarding the ever-illusive "Nibiru." It is much more likely that mainstream science, and all the evidence that mainstream science gathers and publishes, is correct, and there is no object in need of being called 'Nibiru.' The effort by one organization of keeping every astronomer, or ever individual with a telescope, quiet about discovering a massive apocalyptic object would be extraordinary. There is, in fact, a simple test for this question that one can perform: either purchase or rent a telescope, or make use of a public telescope, and look for 'Nibiru' yourself. If you find anything remotely like one of the cults that purport its existence describe, either consult a professional, or consult a starchart, and find out what it is. If you are unable to find Nibiru, you may conclude that the highly reputable scientists of our day and age are not part of a conspiracy-coverup, and Nibiru is, in fact, a myth, and is not being hidden from anyone by anyone.

According to Sumerian texts, found in modern day's Iraq, the Annunaki was a God, who descended from a distant planet called Nibiru, which is also known as "Planet X". Annunaki came to Earth for mining gold and used to shipped gold to his planet in Nibiru. And he is also responsible for the development of human race from the primitive from to homo-sapience, as described in ancient Sumerian tablets. The main source of information available to us, all came from Sumerian texts. But , it is true that many facts describes in their holy text came true like humans can be created in a test tube. During the Annunaki's time, his son Enki, a scientist, was responsible with the creation of modern day humans-homo sapience. Unfortunately, we don't have any hard evidence if he ever exited on this planet Earth.

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