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There are no hidden games in Microsoft Excel after Microsoft Excel 2000, so there are none in Microsoft Excel 2003.

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Q: Are there any Games in Microsoft Excel 2003?
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How do you play the car game in Microsoft Excel 2003?

There is no car game or any hidden games in Microsoft Excel 2003. Those games are only in earlier versions of Excel.

Are there any games in Microsoft Excel 2007?

No. There have been no games in Microsoft Excel since the 2000 version.

How do you play billiards in Excel 2010?

There are no hidden games in Microsoft Excel 2010. The last version that had a hidden game was in Excel 2000. There is a game called Billiards Excel and there are Billiard 2010 games, but these have nothing to do with Microsoft Excel, or any Microsoft software.

Is Microsoft Excel used for accounting purpose?

Microsoft Excel can be used for accounting. Any thing that has maths could be used in Microsoft Excel.

How to import multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into Microsoft Access 2003?

Cut and past, just like any other program in mircrosoft!

What is the color of Microsoft Excel?

You can use almost any color you want with MS Excel.

What is the first column in Microsoft Excel?

Column A is the first column in any spreadsheet, not just in Excel.

Is there any other names for spreadsheets?

Microsoft Excel Files

What type of of spreadsheet do you maintain in Microsoft Excel?

Excel can do any kind of spreadsheet, so the answer would be any kind of spreadsheet.

Are there any online classes available for Microsoft Excel?

There are indeed many online places that offer online classes and/or courses on Microsoft Excel. One such website is sponsored by Microsoft at: Microsoft Learning Training.

Is there any hidden game in Excel 2003?


Which Microsoft xp comes with Excel?

None. Excel is an application that is part of Microsoft Office. Some vendors may install Offfice or Excel when they build the computer, but it is not a part of any version of Windows.

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