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The basic requirements to become a veterinarian in the United States are to obtain a DVM or VMD (the two degrees are equivalent), pass the NAVLE and obtain a State license to practice.

Additional training can include internships, residencies, PhD, Master's degree and non-traditional certification such as acupuncture.

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Q: Are there any additional degrees or training available to become a veterinarian?
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What additional training do you need to be promoted as a veterinarian?

Usually none - there are relatively few promotions within veterinary medicine outside of buying into a clinic and shifting from being just a veterinarian to a veterinarian/clinic owner. However, you can go for board certification, which usually requires a three-year minimum residency for training, or you can go back to school for supplemental degrees like an MBA.

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What colleges are available in the U.S. area that offer degrees in order to become a zoologist?

What college degrees are for vets?

The one required to call yourself a veterinarian is a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) or VMD (Veterinary Medical Doctor, from The University of Pennsylvania) in the US. Other countries have equivalent degrees with different titles. However, veterinarians can get many additional degrees. The more common degrees are PhD, MPH, and MS.

How can someone earn university degrees online?

There are many degrees available through online courses. Requirements for these courses is a secure access to the internet along with the time needed to complete the training.

Do the earnings that you get as a veterinarian depend on level of degrees?

There is only one level of degree to be a veterinarian, which is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M. or V.M.D.).

Do you take the oath before or after you get a veterinarian job?

The Veterinarian's Oath is administered to American veterinary graduates when they receive their degrees and are admitted to the profession.

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What are the best undergraduate degrees to become a veterinarian?

I would think one of the best approaches would be a Biology program of study that has a Pre-Veterinarian option. Viper1

What degrees are required to be a veterinarian?

In the United States you need one degree - either a DVM or a VMD.

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