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No company takes ideas from random people. They would get too may bad ideas.

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Q: Are there any airsoft companies that you can contact to submit ideas?
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How do you submit ideas to SEGA?

There's a contact list at their website that supplies an address and phone number, you can submit your ideas there.

Help with invention ideas?

InventHelp helps everyday inventors patent and submit their invention ideas to companies. They have been in business for more than 30 years. You can contact them for free information on their website

How do you contact Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank?

Kevin Harrington has a contact form online where you can write to him or submit ideas. The link is

How do you contact anime companies to give them ideas for a cartoon?

find their website and contact them on their email or phone #.

Is there a place I can submit my greeting card ideas to be published?

Yes. First, figure out what genera your ideas/poems belongs in. Then look in the current issue of "Writer's Market" to find the best publisher possible for your idea/poems and they will submit them to greeting card companies for you.

How companies find and develop new product ideas?

Companies find and develop new product ideas through various methods, including market research, customer feedback, and competitive analysis. They often use brainstorming sessions, innovation workshops, and collaboration with cross-functional teams. Additionally, companies may leverage emerging technologies, monitor industry trends, and explore partnerships or acquisitions. Prototyping and testing are crucial to refine ideas and ensure they meet market needs and preferences.

How do you contact major anime companies to create ideas for new cartoons?

impossible, get over it.

How do you submit Lego ideas?

Click submit a product idea on the homepage.

How do you sell card ideas to companies?

Well, their is one way I know how. I make cards and I sell them on They pay me a good amount for every card I submit.

How can I submit my deck design ideas?

Well what you would want to do is go to the contest website or mailing address and put your ideas into a well thought email or letter. Usually in a website you would have to go to contact us or support.

Can you get paid for submitting video game ideas to video game companies?

If you think you have a really great idea the best thing to do is patent it first. Then you can try to submit it to company's without worry of your great ideas being stolen. Short answer: It's possible.

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