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Are there any alternatives to bankruptcy?

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Best idea is to return the stuff you bought because you obviously can't afford it and then get a job and pay the rest.

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Where can one find information on bankruptcy alternatives?

You can talk to a bank chain manager who would provide you with information or potentially someone to contact who specializes in bankruptcy cases and information.

Are there any alternatives to vitamins?

Carrots are good alternatives for vitamin c.

What Bankruptcy Alternatives available for consumers?

There are a number of bankruptcy alternatives available for consumers in search of debt relief. It is very important to know and understand the differences. Total Debt Services is capable of assisting you with multiple debt relief options and help you make the right choice for your situation. Due to changes in bankruptcy laws, consumers are seeking bankruptcy alternatives such as debt settlement, Credit Card Counseling and Debt Consolidation to get out of debt. Call now to speak with one of the debt analysts of or click to fill out an online submission form to have them contact you.. source:

Can you hold your passport after you get declared bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy filing or discharge in bankruptcy should not have any effect on your US passport.

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When can I get married after filing for bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy has nothing to do with marriage. You can get married at any time.

Will you lose your house if you consider bankruptcy?

You can keep the house if you pay the enquity in your house to the trustee and if the mortgage company itself agrees. You can also consider some bankruptcy alternatives read more here

Are there any alternatives to a colostomy?

When a colostomy is deemed necessary, there are usually no alternatives to the surgery, though there can be alternatives in the type of surgery involved and adjuvant therapies related to the disease.

What are the alternatives to filing for bankruptcy?

One option to avoid filing bankruptcy is to simply do nothing. If one has no income and no assets, they are considered "judgement proof" and typically creditors will not file legal action against them as there is nothing for the creditors to recover. Other alternatives include informal or formal negotiations with one's creditors, consolidating debt, or restructuring debt (essentially refinancing the original loan).

Can you file bankruptcy if you own your home?

can a person file bankruptcy if the home is not under any mortgage?

Are there any penalties or fines for selling your home after bankruptcy?

Not after the bankruptcy has been discharged. If the person is participating in a chapter 13 bankruptcy they must have the permission of the trustee/court to engage in any major financial transactions.

Can you file a bankruptcy 13 when your bankruptcy 7 was discharged with restrictions?

Transformation is possible but before taking any step firstly consult to bankruptcy attorney.

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How many NAPA auto parts stores went into bankruptcy?

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Can any attorney at law do bankruptcy?


Can new debt be collected after bankruptcy?

Yes, the debts protected under a bankruptcy proceeding are enumerated when bankruptcy is filed. Any debts accrued by the bankrupt party in the future are not protected by a previously filed bankruptcy.

Will you get a 1099 for debt discharged in Chap 7 bankruptcy?

No. Unlike some non-bankruptcy situations, debt wiped out in bankruptcy (any chapter) is NOT income to the debtor.

Can you open a new business if you file for bankruptcy personal and business bankruptcy?

I suppose you could, but even if you did manage to get the financing together to open another business, any profits from it would be subject to seizure by the court and the bankruptcy trustee to pay off the bankruptcy judgement. There is no bankruptcy "judgment." If the bankruptcy is over and you have your discharge, you can open a business, and any money you make is yours. Providing the first bankuptcy is discharged.

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A person has a judgment but files for bankruptcy can bankruptcy void the judgment of an earlier date in WA state?

Bankruptcy does not void the judgment. It simply makes it noncollectable because it was discharged in the bankruptcy like any other debt.

Can you file for bankruptcy at any time?

The short answer is no. There are legal restrictions regarding when and how often you can file bankruptcy, as well as the type of bankruptcy (if any) you are eligible to file. You will likely need to be able to pay any court and legal fees involved, as well, so proceed with caution.

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