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go to or

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Q: Are there any cheat codes for the PC game EA Cricket 2004?
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What is the cheat code for cricket cup game on nokia c1?

There is no cheat codes/key in Cricket Cup.

What is the game shark cheat codes?

game shark cheat codes are long numbered and lettered codes that you enter on a game shark device that fits is a game boy advance.

How do you type in PS3 Game Cheat Codes?

Cheat codes for PS3

Are there cheat codes in territory war online?

No there are no cheat codes for this game

Is there any Cheat codes for EA sports cricket 2008?

no man there are no cheats for this game people says but i have tried there no cheats

Cheat codes for the Facebook game fashion wars?

Cheat codes for the facebook game fashion wars?

Do you have cheats for PlayStation 2?

Cheat codes can vary from game to game. There are no overall cheat codes for the PlayStation 2. They do make books that list cheat codes for the game on PlayStation 2's.

How do you activate cheat codes for Naruto ninja destiny?

there are no cheat codes for that game

What are the cheat codes for cod mw3 on x-box?

there is no cheat codes for that game.

Cheat codes for games?

you can get cheat codes of any game by visiting

Where can I find cheat codes for the game Halo?

You can find cheat codes for the game Halo on plenty of places online. There's also plenty of cheat books that were sold to show what codes each game has.

Do you need cheat codes to do cheats or are they just codes?

Cheat codes are codes you can get for a specific game that allows you to get farther in the game and/or help you in some way. Cheat codes are basically cheating by using a code or some kind of walkthrough of the game that helps you. I hope that helps.

Where can someone find cheat codes for PS3 Games?

Cheat codes for PS3 Games can be found on Game Debates, Cheat CC, Games Radar, Cheat Codes, VG Strategies, IGN, Game FAQS, Super Cheats and Game Spot.

How do you unlock cricket bats in ricky ponting cricket 2007?

You unlock bats, gloves and pads by winning games or tornaments. If you want, you can buy cheat codes to unlcok everything on the game.

Cheat codes for super chick sisters game cheat codes?

Get bear to the x!

What are the cheat codes to The Incredibles game?

the answer is X,0,R1,R2 FOR CHEAT CODES

Where do you put cheat codes in Spider-Man 3 for psp?

there are no cheat codes for that game

What are cheat codes for IQ ball?

there are no cheat codes for iq ball it is a strategy game

What are some cheat codes fOr halo reach?

there are no cheat codes. i am an inheriter and i have done every thing in the game and no cheat codes are on halo reach.

Cheat codes GTA v?

There are a few places you can get cheat codes for the game GTA 5. You can try on a game site.

Are there cheat codes for the game Mafia Wars?

There aren't cheat codes for Mafia Wars anymore.

Cheet codes for gaiaonline?

*cheat There are no cheat codes. It's a forum, not a game.

Cheat codes for Halo 3?

There are no cheat codes in Halo 3, or in any Halo game.

Cheat codes for pro evolution soccer 2010 for PS2?

the aren't cheat codes for that game!

What are some Assassins Creed 2 cheat codes?

Their are no cheat codes for the first and second game.