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There are several schools in Clevland where you can get your pharmacy tech certificate. I would suggest checking out

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Q: Are there any colleges in Cleveland, OH that offer pharmacy tech classes?
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What are some of the best pharmacy technician schools?

Some of the best pharmacy technician schools are Overian University in Ohio, and Truman University in Pennsylvania. Both of these colleges offer pharmacy technician classes.

Can I take pharmacy tech classes through my community college?

Many community colleges offer pharmacy tech classes across the US. If you live in Littleton, Colorado the Arapahoe Community College offers this training. (303)797-5944.

What colleges have CNA classes online?

That depends on what college you are talking about. Many colleges offer CNA classes on line. You can do a search for CNA classes on line to find what colleges offer this.

Are there any schools that offer pharmacy tech classes in the Omaha, Nebraska area?

The University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy is located in Omaha Nebraska. They offer classes in pharmacy tech.

Do colleges offer risk management classes?

Colleges definitely offer risk management classes if they offer a finance or a business major. Most major universities and college have these sorts of classes.

Do colleges offer security classes online?

Yes some colleges do offer classes for security. Now a lot of colleges are even offering classes for degrees in homeland security. To find out what college is best for you research the colleges and what they offer so you can get the best out of your college experience and education.

Where can i find a pharmacy tech license? . This site should help you with this information . You could phone colleges in your area and see if they offer classes on this subject .

Does community colleges offer lessons on how do I get out of debt?

Yes, a lot of community colleges offer classes that can teach you how to get out a debt. Personal finance classes are great.

Where could I get information about pharmacy tech classes?

You can obtain information about pharmacy tech classes from a variety of sources. Some options include checking with local community colleges or vocational schools, contacting pharmacy technician training programs in your area, or visiting websites such as the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) or the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) for a list of accredited programs.

What schools offer respiratory therapist classes?

There are many colleges that offer respiratory therapist classes. Simply contact your local colleges for possible classes and enrollment schedules. You can also access most colleges websites and review such information.

What colleges offer human resource classes?

Many colleges offer human resource classes. The University of Kansas, the University of Florida, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Iowa all offer human resource classes.

Do community colleges offer ESL classes online?

Community colleges do offer a full range of ESL classes; languages depend on your region and the college. Most of the classes do involve some online participation.