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About 95% of colleges accept GED's the same as a high school diploma. Highly selective Universities (for example, Ivy League Universities) are more likely to not accept a GED.


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Answer 1: Penn-Foster High School is "regionally" accredited. Therefore, any and all colleges and universities in the US will happily accept its high school diploma, just exactly the same as if you had obtained the diploma from your local regionally-accredited neighborhood high school."Regional" accreditation, by an agency approved by the US Department of Education (USDE) (which is the kind of accreditation which both Penn-Foster High School, and your local neighborhood high school, have) ensures that alll colleges will view both high school diplomas exactly the same... and will accept either, equally.

Your high school diploma is not a guarantee to get into any college. Colleges have their own selection criteria. If it is a private school with accredited diploma then yes all colleges accept such diplomas.

All colleges will except any highschool diploma, long as it is acredited and you pass the SAT too.

Any community college if you have completed high school.

As you said it is accredited then i dont think any college will refuse it. However, a diploma is not a ticket to a college. There are other things that colleges consider before giving you admission such as, your high school grades, admission essay, financial condition, etc.

Colleges and universities do accept accredited diplomas however the acceptance of this diploma in your application is just the acceptance of your application for review, having a school diploma is not a guarantee of admission into any college or university, whether it is woodfield or anyother school.

1400 wil put you in play at just about any school, providing you have good EC's and a high GPA.

With a properly accredited high school diploma, you can attend any college, community college, or university. However, admission into any school/college depends on your high school grades, financial situation, and many other factors. Some schools and colleges are more difficult to get in than others. ------------------------------------------- Be sure to check with an intended school to make sure they will accept Belford's diploma because this school does not have an accreditation from an CHEA or USDE approved accreditation agency. <><> Not all public and private sector schools and colleges accept high school diplomas from other schools.

Online high schools and colleges are just as legitimate and accredited as other schools and colleges and their diplomas are generally accepted everywhere. However, admission to a university does not depend solely on where you previously studied. However, admission in a college cannot be rejected just based on studying from an online high school.

Pretty much all colleges "accept" either a BA or a BS (and don't much care which of those it is) from any legitimately accredited school as meeting one of the prerequisites for graduate school. not send your money in to this school! You cannot go to any college just go get your GED, don't waste your time!

All colleges accept diplomas issued by accredited schools so I think you can apply for admission into any college. But just having a diploma is not a guarantee of admission into any college.

Usually your local state or Community College will. You may have to take upgrading for your chosen program, but they usually offer that.

One opinion:All colleges/universities accept applications from accredited high schools. Woodfield is an accredited online school so their diploma should get acceptance in almost all colleges.Another opinion:According to the government report in the Related Link below, post-secondary schools will not accept this school's diplomas.One opinion:Woodfield or any other high school diploma only provides you credentials that you have academic knowledge of high school level. Colleges then look at your diploma your school grades and then they have various criteria. Various factors which you should checkout to improve your college application.However, accepting your high school diploma does not mean that you get admission into college. Remember that admission to a college depends on several factors like your grades, extra curricular activities, admission essay, references, recommendation letters, financial creditability, scholarships, etc.But just having a diploma is not a guarantee of admission into any college.All colleges and universities accept accredited high school diploma. Online High schools need to be accredited in order to have acceptance of diplomas issued by them. Woodfield is fully accredited by Universal Accreditation Agency for Online Education (See the Related Link below, for comment on this)It is not a guarantee that you will get the admission. Colleges evaluate admission applications based on various factors which may differ from one college to another.

Almost any job will accept a GED as proof of high school equivalency.

No, there are not any all white colleges. Public and private colleges are all equal opportunity colleges, which means they accept students of all races.

Yes, Excel High School students can attend any community college. Excel High School is regionally accredited by AdvancED and the North Central Association CASI.

Colleges and universities within the United States require high school completion, and some will accept a GED (Harvard not one of them).

A high school graduate can get quality childcare training from any colleges or institutes that offer them. It is best to research schools that are accredited for certification.

Many high-school students take college courses. But being a full-time college student with no high-school diploma most likely is not allowed by many colleges, if any.

Accredited high school diplomas are accepted by colleges and universities all over. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't get accepted at Ocean County College, NJ.

Acceptance of Students at various educational institutions is entirely dependent on their academic background - Though institutions do matter but not as much as the academic record of an individual which holds utmost importance during admission process. In case of Nation High School, to date every institution is accepting its alumni.

Most community colleges accept students with a high school diploma from any accredited high school, a GED or equivalent certification. Because Woodfield does not have accreditation from a recognized agency (per the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)), it's problematic the diploma would be acceptable.

Answer 1: Yes, if you have received a legitimate high school diploma or GED, universities will accept it as part of your application. Of course, you will have to meet any other eligibility requirements of that particular university.Answer 2: The first answer's okay, but let me see if I can refine it, because the first answerer doesn't define "legitimate." Here's what that means...All US colleges and universities will accept an online high school diploma as long as said diploma was awarded by a high school that is "regionally" accredited by one of the US's six big "regional" accreditors approved by the US Department of Education (USDE).Period. That's what makes it legitimate. It matters not whether the high school's coursework was delivered by the "online" or "in-classroom" modality. All that matters is that the high school -- be it online, or otherwise -- is "regionally" accredited.There's nothing more to know; no other qualifiers or "gotchas."More details...All local public K-12 schools in the US are "regionally" accredited. And so, all US colleges and universities, as well as all US employers that require only a high school diploma, as well as any governmental requirements for a high school diploma, will positively, without a doubt, be satisfied by any high school diploma that's from a "regionally" accredited US high school. And I mean all of them. No exceptions.The rules for online high schools are exactly the same. As long as they're "regionally" accredited, as I've herein defined that term, then the diplomas that they issue will be acceptable to absolutely any US college or university.The regional accreditation of the high school, then, and not whether said high school is of the online or in-classroom type, is what matters. Period.Yes, of course, as the first answerer wrote, otherfactors may also matter to the college or university. But as long as your high school diploma is from a "regionally" accredited school, regardless whether it's in-classroom or online, the college/university will accept it.Most colleges/universities will also accept a GED, in lieu of a high school diploma, as the first answerer also suggested.

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