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Are there any creams that make your butt larger?

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Are there any creams that make your breast larger or firmer?

i have to make my breast tight

Is there any way of growing a butt if you were born without one?

Well, there's one way I know to make your butt larger and you can try weight lifting. If you use machines that strengthen the back of the upper thighs then they will also help shape your butt to look larger and muscular.

Can you use anything at home to make your breast bigger?

No there is no chance of making your breast any larger, all these creams lotions and pills are all a money making racket.

Can any pill make your butt grow?


Are there any vitamins that make the butt bigger?


Are there any pills you can take to make your butt bigger?


Does eating corn muffins make your butt bigger?

If you get enough calories FROM ANY SOURCE, your butt will get bigger... so will everything else.

Can cornstarch make your butt big?

Yea it can it depends either if it goes straight to your butt, your cheeks, or any other part of your body

You are stick thin and you dont know if there are any exercises that can make your hips larger and my butt bigger and probably get an exrcise to make me fatter?

look this is what you do... just eat junk-like food regulary and then poof! you get fat no exrcise makes you fat

Does Sex Make your butt get bigger?

No, sex will not enlarge any part of the body.

How does a small framed person target tone and firm their large butt without making it any bigger?

Even if you use weights to tone your butt you won't make it larger as long as you stick with lighter weights (or no weights) and more repetitions. If you were to use heavy weights and less repetitions, that would build the muscle and therefore make your butt appear bigger. Lighter weights and more reps will just tone and add definition.

Are there any drugs creams or exercises to make your breasts smaller?

push up will tone up your breast bone and lift them

Is there any treatment for stretch marks?

Yes there is there are Creams you can buy from Boots in England and health stores which make them fade away.

If your butt is white what color is white what color is your toes?

Your question does not make any sense? Sorry. But your toes are the same color as your butt. Look in the mirror.......

Will bread make your butt fatter?

Yes, overeating any food will make you fat. Weight gain cannot be targeted to specific areas. As you gain weight, this will include getting a fatter butt.

Can you use shave creams on any part of your body?

Yes, you can use shave creams on any part of your body. There are also many other products available.

Are there any household items that can make your penis larger?


Is it possible to use face creams and look younger?

Yes possibly. Certain face creams decrease visibility of wrinkles and features on the face that make people look older in the face. Before going out and buying any of these creams I recommend that you search for the creams that work best by asking people their opinions on which creams work best. There are a wide variety on the market but many do not work or don't give the results people are looking for. Hope this helped (:

What type of breast enhancement creams work?

Many breast creams are available but they may or may not be effective. A natural one would be best to avoid any side-effects However, there is no scientific evidence that any breasts creams increase breast size.

Is track a sport that helps to make your butt bigger?

No, track actual makes you more fit and stronger for any upcoming problems you might face in order for you butt to become bigger you have to do squads at less 20 day

Does dancing make your butt bigger?

No. It's easy to see why people think it does, as dancing, or any physical exercise that uses the leg and "butt" muscles will build strength and condition in those muscles. The conditioning will add muscle mass, which may be interpreted as a bigger butt. However, the workout will also trim and tone the muscles, which will make the butt more attractive.

Does running up and down stairs help you get a bigger butt?

no that would burn any fat or calories that could go to your butt to make it bigger. if you want a bigger butt there are excercises that can strengthen the mucsle and give you a healthy looking one.

Are there foods that will make your butt bigger?

If you want to make your butt bigger you'll have to excercise and make the muscle bigger.If you want a bigger butt, you should work on it through butt exercises such as squats, lunges, etc. Your butt muscles (gluteus maximus) is one of the biggest muscles in your body. Meaning, you can make it grow and shape it up just like any other muscle in your body. So if you're really looking for what foods to eat, you need protein to build muscle, so eat meals rich in protein and make sure to do these butt exercises.All foods go to your butt along with the rest of your body. Just like getting the fat off there is no way to target the area it happens in.

Does drinking chocolate milk make your butt size big?

No, it doesn't make your butt big. Over eating can make it big, whatever food is eaten. Just like any other food, too much chocolate milk can cause weight gain.

Can fairness creams be used to remove acne scars?

Most of the fairness creams cannot make you any fairer, leave alone scar removal. The only way to remove scars is to target them specifically. Go for treatments that use peels to remove the darkened skin and other treatments to make the skin hydrated.