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None at all.

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Q: Are there any current events of injustice in the world today?
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Are there any current events or situations in the world today in which a group of people may be the target of opression or injustice by its government?

Yes. There is no country that does not have at least some legitimate issue with a group being unfairly oppressed or suffering injustice. In America, a prime example is that we are debating about whether gay people have the same rights as hetrosexuals.

Current events or situations in the world today in which one group of peoplemay be the target of oppression or injustice by its government?

The crisis in Sudan, the current situation in Zimbabwe, the plight of minorities in China, Palestinians in Israel, the ongoing conflict between Christians and Muslims in Lebanon, Serbs in Kosovo, the ongoing conflict between Republican Catholics and Loyalist Protestants in Northern Ireland...

Who has power in current world events?


Are there any current world events between 2 countries?

Yes. There are always current world events going on involving at least 2 countries.

Which do you enjoy more learning about ancient history or learning about current events?

I enjoy learning about both ancient history and current events, as they offer different perspectives on the world. Ancient history provides insights into past civilizations and how they shaped today's societies, while current events offer a real-time understanding of global issues and challenges. Both are valuable in broadening my knowledge and understanding of the world.

What are some current events in Africa?

The world cup

What is the meaning of current events?

Current events refer to the important occurrences and developments happening in the world at a specific point in time. These events are usually newsworthy and have a significant impact on society, politics, economics, or culture.

What does the word current events mean in social studies?

In social studies, current events refer to recent and ongoing occurrences that are significant and relevant to society. Studying current events helps students understand the world around them and its impact on various communities and cultures.

Use unfair and injustice in a sentence?

The world is full of injustice and unfair laws.

What are the current prices of whiskey right now in the today world of current times of today right now in the twentyth century right now in the today world right now today in the twentyth century now?

$15.00 per bottle

What occupation do you have when you are analyzing world events?

I had the same question so I made up a name: current events specialists. Use it if you want to!

What is the closest opposite of deep concern for current events?

Apathy or indifference towards current events would be the closest opposite of deep concern. This implies a lack of interest or involvement in what is happening in the world.