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push up will tone up your breast bone and lift them

2006-08-25 16:34:56
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Q: Are there any drugs creams or exercises to make your breasts smaller?
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What are five ways that drugs can be taken?

Some ways you can use drugs is injections, pills, inhalents, intravenous and in creams and ointments.

How are antihemorrhoid drugs sold?

Antihemorrhoid drugs are available as creams, ointments and suppositories. Most can be bought without a physician's prescription.

Can birth control make a man grow breasts?

Some birth control drugs contain female hormones that can cause a man to grow breasts.

How to get a bigger dick without drugs?

You can get a larger penis (dick) without drugs by doing some simple penis exercises that include jelquing.

Drugs are applied on the skin?

Drugs that are applied directly to the skin are called topical medications. Some examples of these types of medications include Neosporin and other gels or creams that contain medicine.

Can any type of drugs makes teeth smaller?


What are the chances of a person that is not over weight and exercises often to pass a drug test by also using a detox?

If you have taken no drugs. Excellent. If you have taken drugs. Minimal.

What are the over the counter drugs?

They are medications such as pills, creams, and any other medication you can obtain with out a prescription. They are legal, and do not require such prescription from a doctor.

Which drugs can be absorbed through the skin?

Usually, those medications that are absorbed by the skin are the topical medications like those of the ointment of the creams.

Do drugs make your penis smaller?

YES!! Keep away from them!

What do performance enhancing drugs do to you?

they make ur testies smaller

What is a physiotherapist?

Someone who treats and prevents injury using physical exercises.the treatment of disease or injury by physical means, such as massage or exercises, rather than by drugs [physio- (prefix) physical + therapy]

How do illegal drugs affect you in a relationship?

ur dick gets smaller

How do you make your pupils smaller when you are not on drugs?

Go somewhere well lit.

What has the author Dorothy Walton Parry written?

Dorothy Walton Parry has written: 'Mathematics of drugs and solutions' -- subject(s): Dosage, Drugs, Mathematics, Problems, exercises, Solutions (Pharmacy)

How do you develop high reflex in your body If so What are the exercises to develop human body reflexs What are the drugs that can increase body reflex in a human body'?

There are some exercises that improve reflex. you must believe in yourself in order to do that though

Pregnancy and drugs?

Best avoided. Many drugs will interfere with the health of the unborn child. Children from smokers are usually born smaller and will need years to chatch up .

What do people test on animals?

•Perfume •Creams •Make-up •Medicines •Injections •Pesticides •Household products •Cigarettes •Food Additives •Industrial chemicals •Botox •Drugs •Some Tattoos

Why do alcoholic women often give birth to babies that are smaller than normal?

is it because of the drugs and the drinking .

How do you make a woman produce milk?

Its simple, just make a women pregnant and she wil naturally produce milk in her breasts. Other forms of producing milk may probably include taking of milk stimulating drugs which can induce a production of milk in breasts.

What will cause your heart to beat faster?


What kind of cream helps herpes outbreaks?

There are different creams that help cure herpes breakouts. They include Herstat and Coldsore FX. Doctors can also prescribe antiviral drugs that can be taken orally.

Why do drug dealers have a middle man?

Smaller dealers need to get their drugs from somewhere. They cannot pay to import them on their own.

How do most babies born with exencephaly look like?

Babies with anencephaly have smaller heads and brains due to drugs and alcoholism.

How do you develop high reflex in your body If so What are the exercises to develop refles What are the drugs that increase reflex in a human body?

juggling is great for reflexes. if you get real good at it, try looking at something else while juggling. i don't know anything about drugs for that but i'd stay away from them.