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Nikola Tesla was a famous US physicist that created mechanical energy which is used today in hydropower. He invented this machine in 1856.

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Which scientists has worked with kinetic energy and who are they named?

Sir Isaac Neuton

How have scientists worked together in the past?

Scientists have worked together in many ways in the past.

Who was a famous microorganism scientist?

Louis Pasture, Lady Mary Montague, Dr Jenner were scientists that worked on microorganisms.

Who worked to save the ferrets?


What scientists have worked on the theory of emergence?

There have been many scientists that have worked on the theory of emergence over the years. Emergence theory has been written about by scientists such as Julian Huxley and John Stuart Miller.

What job did olly murs do before he became famous?

worked in a call centre giving people advice on energy bills

What team of scientists worked for the first time on the research of the Hydrogen Bomb?

The team of scientists that worked for the first time on the research of the Hydrogen Bomb would be the Aldermaston scientists. Sir William Penney was in charge of the project.

Who are the scientists who worked with Sir Isaac Newton?


What kind of scientists worked with geologists?

Any scientists interested in earth sciences: mineralogist and mining engineer.

Did Rachel Carson work with other scientists?

yes she worked with you

What kinds of scientists worked on the structure of DNA?

Watson and crick

Name the scientists who worked in the field of force and motion?


Who are the scientists who worked on the model of an atom?

Rutherford-Bohr model

Who are the two scientists who worked on vitamins?

Please see the link.

Is There no shot that protects you from getting Aids?

No, there is not. But it is being worked on by scientists as we speak.

Who Worked on the bomb dropped on japan?

Max Born and other scientists

What kind of scientists worked with geolgists to develop the geologic the scale?


Who were scientist who worked on the hiroshima bomb?

Robert Oppenheimer and his team of scientists.

Who were the scientists Enrico Fermi worked with?

You can identify some of them from the article linked.

Who are famous zoologists?

Some famous zoologists are 1.Jane Goodall (worked with chimpanzees) 2.Don forester(worked with sallamanders)

What inventions made Albert Einstein famous?

Albert Einstein had no significant inventions. His theories however led to inventions by other scientists. Einstein himself worked primarily in theories as a physicist and mathematician.

What was Nathan Rosen known for?

Nathan Rosen was known for his study on the molecule commonly referred to as hydrogen. He worked with Albert Einstein and Boris Podolsky (both who are famous scientists) about entangled wave functions.

Did Jonas salk work with other scientists?

yes he worked with rachel phillips. she was also a scientist during this time who worked with vaccines.

Where has Bruno Mars worked?

Bruno Mars worked in McDonalds till he became famous and he also worked in Netto not kinding

When did Newton work with any other scientists?

No newton was a scientist that worked alone

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