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Facebook has a free Scrabble game. That is where I play.

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Are there any free movie sites? has alot of free tv sites and movies

Is there any manga sites that are virus free?,, & are viruse free sites.

Where can I find Free sites for used gun value?

Any of the on line auction sites.

Are there any free music sites you can actually trust?


Why do sites claim they are free then tell you you have to join and pay are there any free sites?

They say it's free so that you join and then you have to pay. They are just trying to get your money I would say, there are free sites though. I use them all the time.

Is there any truly free music sites?

yes its really free music site

Are there any free online music making sites?

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Are there any free photo book sites?

Yes, there are free photo book sites! Smilebook is a site that will put together a photo book for you for free, however you do have to pay for shipping. The package is free.

IS there any sites that you can download any music for free without getting a virus?

Anyone know of any sites you can get free ringtones off? has some free ringtones.

Are there any free genealogy search sites?

Yes, there are many free sites where people can search for answers in genealogy. Try Rootsweb, LostCousins, Familysearch, and Familypedia.

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free realms

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Are there any 100 percent free dating sites and not just free sign up?

Yes there are free dating sites available on the Internet. You will have to search a lot in these sites for the one you are looking for ... and then make sure you communicate and know the person well.

Where are dig sites?

the dig sites are right next to any camping site in free realms by joslyn landron

Are there any free sites for lesbian dating?

Yes, there are free dating sites online including which is a wonderful free dating site for lesbians. There are many members who are looking for the same thing that you are.

Are there any free quiz websites like Quizilla or Tickle?

There are free survey sites such as and

Are there any free music sites that don't have you jump through hoops for them? is a free no download site

What are the best free and legal music downloading websites?

There are free sites, and there are legal sites, but there are NO legal free sites.

Are there any sites that offer free CDL classes ?

I would use electronic media to run a query and see if any sites offer free CDL classes. I also might contact local trucking companies that adverrtise they are hirind and see if they know of any free CDL sites. Based on this I wuld evaluate the results I have and see which sites have a favorable, reputation, ratind, and and feedback to select my site.

Are dating sites free?

Some dating sites are free and others are not, I advise you to read into the terms and conditions when you are signing up to a free dating site to make sure you are able to use all the facilities. I have some free dating sites for you. These are 100% free dating sites. It is recommended to check and compare dating sites before joining any of them. There are many dating sites out there that do not deliver, it's important to join a site that do delivers... There are comparison sites for this purpose, such as

Which are the best free internet dating sites?

There are not many sites that are entirely free for online dating. One of the best ones for you to try out is plenty of fish, as it does not have any price.

Are there any free dating sites for gay people?

There are many free dating sites which allow straight, gay and bi people at the same time. Gaydating is one of the few free websites which are free and are limited to gay and lesbian.