Are there any lcd tv DVD combo player available at Walmart?

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Checking with your local Walmart is the best way to find out for sure, or you could try going to the company website to see if it is listed as one of their products for sale.
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Are there TV antennas available for portable DVD players?

Answer . \nI dont think there are or will be any TV antennas available for portable DVD players.\n. \nDVD players are meant to play DVDs and cannot be used as Television, so any question or doubt of antennas does not arise.\n. \nAs far as my knowledge goes this isn't possible.

How do you make your sylvania tv DVD combo play dvds again?

Chances are that your DVD player unit in the TV has gone bad. I can't begin to tell you how many of those I had to replace in DVD combo sets over the last few years. I think it's mostly because of the heat generated inside the set from the picture tube. That doesn't mean to say that the LCD/proje ( Full Answer )

Samsung lcd tv any good?

A Samsung LCD TV can maintain good quality for many years. Thereare three different range of models from entry level to high end.

Does the yuraku yv19wp3 19 inch widescreen lcd tv have a bilt in DVD player?

The Yuraku "Yur.Vision" YV19WP3 is a LCD monitor (and a ridiculously bad one at that), not a TV. It doesn't have anything but two tiny (size of about half a matchbox) "speakers", a VGA input and a build quality so low that you'll have a hard time finding working ones by now.

Why DVD player with HDMI 1.1socket cannot compatible with lcd TVs with HDMI 1.3 socket?

HDMI 1.3 is backwards compatible with HDMI 1.1 so most devices will work together OK.. However an HDMI 1.3 source usually has an extra option of sending the audio as a bitstream instead of multiple decoded PCM channels. Most AV Receivers with HDMI inputs can decode a bitstream if used, otherwise th ( Full Answer )

How to connect a new DVD vcr combo to old tv?

How old are we talkin here. If it just has a cable plug-in then your going to have to take yourself to wally world (WalMart) and buy a cable/video, audio in adapter. They're not expensive. BTW they're found in the T.V. section.. it was made in 1999

How do you connect DVD to 42 inch sinotec LCD TV?

Very very easy. does your DVD Player ( Home theatre ) have a HDMI cable? If it does, you can just buy an HDMi cable and connect it to Hdmi 1 on your tv and the other end to the Dvd Player and the sound a video will be very crisp. Alternatively, you can use an AV cable ( cable with yellow plugs ( Full Answer )

What is the remote code for Curtis 24 full hd lcd tv DVD combo?

I have provided the TV remote codes for the Curtis Mathis TV. They are: 680, 645, 712, 670, 674, 516, and 506. I have also provided instructions on how to program the DISH remote to your TV. Remotes: Basic (Television Only) . Turn the Television On. . Press and hold the clear TV button f ( Full Answer )

Why would someone want an lcd tv DVD combo?

Someone may want an lcd tv DVD combo because if the DVD player is included in the tv, it is more portable and takes up less space. Also, it may be cheaper than buying them both seperately.

What companies make an lcd tv DVD combo?

Quite a few companies make LCD TVs with built in DVDs, but most of them are sized to be portable. Toshiba, Sanyo, and Haier all make well reviewed models.

What is the best brand to buy for a lcd tv DVD combo?

That would depend upon what features on an lcd tv DVD combo are most important to you. Brands known for their longevity in the market should be the first ones you consider, and nothing beats first-hand viewing in the showroom.

Does walmart online have any good lcd TVs sales coming soon?

Yes Walmart runs sales and specials on LCD televisions quite often. Each Sunday Walmart prints a weekly advertisement showing their sales for the week. Many times LCD TVs are included. You can also find these same sale prices online as well.

What is the largest size LG LCD TV monitor available?

The largest LCD T.V. I know of is the new 70 inch class manufactured by Sharp. Measuring 69.5 inches diagonally they boast 62 percent more screen area than a 55 inch class LCD T.V.

Where can you buy tv DVD combos?

TV DVD combos, or televisions with built in DVD players can be purchased from many physical and online stores such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Amazon just to name a few.

What is the comcast remote code for curtis tv DVD combo?

I just bought Curtis ledvd1975A TV/DVD combo. I have tried every RCA, SONY, Sylvania code as suggested by other message boards in the Comcast site. I have the Xfinity remote. Any ideas for other codes to use?

Where could a person buy an LCD TV DVD combo system?

The best place to buy a LCD TV DVD combo system is Bestbuy. Bestbuy has many TV/DVD combos. With Bestbuy it is possible to buy online or in store with a variety of combo systems.

Where can one purchase TV and DVD combos?

The high street has a lot of places for purchasing TV and DVD combos. Amazon online also sell these at reasonable prices. Many high street stores also operate online to make it easy to get these delivered at reasonable prices.

What are the best LCD TVs available?

There are many different LCD TVs available on the market today. If you're looking for a very highly rated LCD TV, Toshiba, Vizio, and Samsung are among some of the best on the market.

Where can one purchase a TV with DVD combo?

There are many different retailers who sell combination TV and DVD players. Some examples of these retailers include Sears, Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Where can one buy a LCD tv that has a DVD?

Many large retail store like Walmart carry LCD TVs that have built-in DVD players. However, a larger selection of TVs could be found in stores that specialize in electronics, like Best Buy.

What are some good TV DVD combos for kids?

There are a couple of good options for kids TV/DVD combos. FAVI L 1818A-V-P 19' LCD HDTV TV/DVD Combo and Disney's 13' TV/DVD combo are both good options for kids.

What is the best 40 inch LCD tv available?

The best 40 inch LCD TV available is arguably the Toshiba 40L5200U 1080p TV. Other quality makes also include Samsung and LG Electronics, among others.