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Q: Are there any members of the commonwealth that were not former colonies?
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Which African members of the present commonwealth was never part of the british empire or had any other constitutional links with another commonwealth members?


Did Elizabeth attend any of the funerals of former cast members that pre-deceased her?

Elizabeth Montgomery attend any of the funerals of former cast members of Bewitched?

Was there any colonies established during the puritan commonwealth?

The Plymouth ColonY in 1620 wasdurng this time.

Do any former members of the band wings get paid royalties?


Is Cuba a commonwealth island?

No. Cuba is not a Commonwealth country. Its former colonizers were Spain and the USA, not the UK. As a nominally communist country, Cuba would not be eligible for membership in the Commonwealth of Nations and probably has not interest in membership in any case.

Why is USA not in commonwealth games?

To be compete in the Commonwealth Games a country must be a member of the British Commonwealth. The British Commonwealth is a loose association of nations with historical ties with the United Kingdom - usually the tie is to have been colonised by the UK! Former British colonies are not obliged to join the Commonwealth, but many have chosen to do so. Any country which considers it has ties to the UK may apply to join - Mozambique was a former Portuguese colony, but was accepted as it is surrounded by Commonwealth countries which form virtually its own trade links. Notable countries who have declined to apply are Ireland (who were coerced into uniting with Great Britain in 1801 and hated every minute of it), the USA (which would not even consider it for a nanosecond), and France (which was under direct occupation for much of the Middle Ages, and has resented this helping hand ever since).

How have the British isles changed over time?

The British Empire doesn't exist any more but most of its former members are still part of the Commonwealth of Nations and are allied to Britain. Some even still have Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State although they are completely independent.

The Spanish would rather see it sunk than sold to the US?

Any of their former New World colonies.

Britain Australia and New Zealand all belong to what?

Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland were all once part of the British Empire, as they were British colonies. Australia, New Zealand and Canadaare now all members of the Commonwealth of Nations. Ireland is not a member of the Commonwealth of nations.

What is the name of the head of commonwealth and their role?

The head of the commonwealth is always the reigning king/queen of Britain. The role of the Head of the Commonwealth is recognized by its members as the "symbol of their free association" and is akin to that of a ceremonial president, but for life: unlike a Chairman or secretary general of any other international organization, the Head of the Commonwealth is a symbol of the association, without executive power.

Which African member of the Commonwealth was never part of the British Empire or had any other constitutional links with another Commonwealth member?

Mozambique and Rwanda are Commonwealth members with no previous constitutional ties with the British Empire or another Commonwealth member. Cameroon is also a member of the Commonwealth and most of Cameroon was a French Trust Territory. Upon gaining independence it united with the smaller British Trust Territory of Southern Cameroon and joined the Commonwealth. This it does have constitutional links to Britain, in part.

List of countries who can join Britain army?

See related link "Wikipedia - List of Members of the Commonwealth of Nations'. Note also that any person born in Zimbabwe prior to their withdrawal from the Commonwealth may also serve in the British armed forces.