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I believe that there aren't any nickels worth 1 million dollars now, that I know of. They will probably make one in the future but now there aren't any nickels worth 1 million dollars now. Also, when you asked if there is a nickel worth a million dollars, remember the worth of a nickel which is only 5 cents.

CorrectionMost common circulation nickels are only worth 5 cents but there are older and rarer collectibles that are worth more, in some cases A LOT more.

And in fact, there are five nickels that are each worth well over $1 million. These are the famous 1913 Liberty Head nickels that were struck clandestinely by Mint employees using dies that had been prepared for 1913, before the decision to mint Indian head nickels starting that year. The finest known of these coins once sold at auction for over $3 million.

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Q: Are there any nickels worth 1 million dollars?
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How much is 1 million nickels worth?

$50,000It is 5,000,000 or five million cents. Now we know that five million U.S. cents = 50 000 U.S. dollars. The answer could be given in any units, nickels, dimes etc, but dollars is the easiest unit to get a good intuitive idea how much that many nickels is really worth.

How old do nickels have to be to be worth something?

Most nickels, especially those in circulation, are not worth much above their face value. However, certain older nickels, such as the 1942-1945 "War Nickel" that contains 35% silver, can have some numismatic value. Additionally, any nickel dated before 1938 may be valuable due to its scarcity and collector demand.

How many nickels are in two dollars?

There may not be any, depending on what combination of coins and bills you use to make up the two dollars. But if you want to make it completely out of nothing else but nickels, then you'll need 40 of them.

Are any Morgan silver dollar worth one million dollars?

The only dollar coins that sell for over $1M are 1804 dollars.

How can she pay for the books using dollars nickels and dimes?

You would have to specify a PRICE for the books in question. Dollars can pay full dollars. Dimes are 10 cents and therefore you require 10 dimes to replace any dollar. Nickels are 5 cents and therefore you require 20 nickels to replace any dollar, or 2 nickels in the place of any dime. Dimes can pay any price evenly divisible by 10 cents. Nickels can pay any price evenly divisible by 5 cents.

Does a autographed album by Sophie tucker 1957 have any value?

Yes it's worth 1 million dollars!

Are there any nickels that are worth more than face value?

Yes, "War Nickels" or nickels struck from 1942-1945 that have a large mintmark over the Monticello are 35% silver and are worth around $1.50 at the time of writing. Pre-Jefferson nickels are usually worth at least a bit more than face and proof or uncirculated nickels also give you a premium. ------ Many nickels are worth more than "face" value, For example - ALL of the Liberty Head nickels are worth more than face (they were minted from 1883 to 1912) Then came the buffalo nickels - Virtually all of those are worth more than face. After the buffs came the Jefferson nickel. In addition to the "war nickels" (as stated above) there are "key date" Jefferson nickels that are worth more than face. To list a few examples...the 1950D (Denver mint) is a rare (key) date and is worth around 10 to 20 dollars on eBay. Also the 1939D is a key - it sells for around 10 dollars on eBay...depending on condition. In mint state these coins can bring 100 dollars plus. To sum it up. as many Jefferson nickels are worth more than face, it would be difficult to list them all. The easiest way would be for you to ask us here about a specific date. Make certain to include the mint mark (if any) and a rough idea of condition. Or just get a coin value book at the library ( the Red Book) or look it up on eBay as to approximate the selling value.

What years are the best Jefferson nickels?

Most Jefferson nickels were minted in such large numbers that they're not worth much more than face value. The major exceptions are:1950-D nickels are moderately scarce and worth several dollars in average condition."War nickels" dated 1942-1945 with a large mint mark over Monticello are worth at least $1 because they contain a small amount of silver.1938-S nickels are worth $1 to $5 depending on condition1939-D nickels are worth $3 to $40 depending on conditionA couple of error nickels, 1949 with a D over an S mint mark and 1954 with an S over a D, are worth extra, as well.NOTE: Regardless of many misconceptions, the above-mentioned "war nickels" are the ONLY American nickels that contain any silver. All others are made of a cupronickel alloy.

What is the value of 1 million dollars series C34387298A?

The U.S. has never printed a million dollar bill. Any you might find are novelties and aren't worth anything.

What in dollars is 80 pounds of loose pennies nickels dimes and quarters worth?

The value of the coins is going to be highly dependent upon the ratio of coins. In general: Dimes, quarters and half dollars are roughly $20/lb Nickels are $5/lb And there are 181 pennies to a pound ($1.81) So we're talking any where from $1600 to $150.

Did George Eastman get any awards?

No, George Eastman did not get any awards. He was an innovator and a founder of the Kodak Company who was worth 95 million dollars when he died in 1932.

What nickels is worth more than 5 cents?

Any coin is only worth what a person is willing to pay for it.