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There's marapets

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Q: Are there any online games like neopets?
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Any online games like Club Penguin?

Yeah: Runescape Neopets is one too!

Are there any good online games like neopets but for ages 13 and older?,,,

Are there any games like neopets?


Are there any good online virtual animal games?

Neopets,Howrse,and Foopets

Are there any better games the clubpenguin?

Online games? Mmm, let's see...Neopets, Marapets, Moshi Monsters, Emerald Island.

Any games like woogi world or vmk?

i would guess neopets or millsberry

Is there any good online vitual pet games?

There is Foopets, Neopets, Pet Pet Park, and many, many more.

Are there any games like Moshi Monsters where you can decorate your room?

Neopets - you can build and decorate a house

Are there any free online games like ourworld?

clubpenguin, ourworld, facebook,neopets,moshimosters,binweeevils,poptropica,barbie virtual,spineworld,,ubi world, webosaurs, fantage, supersecret

Are there any new games like club penguin?

well,i know a few games you might like. Runescape Neopets Pixie Hollow Fantage Poptropica Panfu

Are there any other games like franktown rocks?

Club penguin, Millsberry, Poptropica, Neopets and I hope this helped!

R there any games like club penguin?

Many like,moshi monsters,neopets,omgpop,addicting games,norad santa traker and many many more