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Q: Are there any planets orbiting Sirus B?
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What is brighter alberban or sirus B?

Intrinsically Aldebaran is brighter than Sirius B which is a white dwarf star, no longer generating new heat.

Would the weather on any planets or moons permit any agriculture?

Moon could b suitable fr farming.

Name of the new planet founs in 2007?

At least 28 planets were found in 2008, all of them exoplanets (i.e. planets oribiting stars other than the Sun). Exoplanets are generally named as follows: Technical star name + lower case letter denoting the order in which the planets are discovered around that star (starting with "b" because "A" stands for the star itself). For instance 51 Pegasi b means the first planet discovered orbiting the star 51 Pegasi.

Is there a far away planet that orbits Sirius A?

Neither Sirius A nor Sirius B have any known planets.

Which of the following is usually the smallest A planets B comets C asteroids D moons?

its the comets are smaller than planets, moons, and asteroids. In order of size, usually comets < asteroids < moons < planets

Are all-stars planets?

The best possible answer is we don't know.Just a decade or so ago, astrophysicists believed that no other stars have planets. The first exoplanet discovered was Gamma Cephei b, in 1988. While its existence was questioned for more than a decade, it was finally proven in 2003.There are currently 840 Planets around 655 Stars, 128 of these are in systems with multiple planets; there are 2,712 Kepler candidates, and 2,756,217 Transit Survey Light Curves that could prove to be exoplanets as well.

When was the first planet discovered outside of our solar system?

The first confirmed detection was in 1992, with the discovery of several planets orbiting a pulsar. The first confirmed detection of an exoplanet orbiting a main-sequence star was made in 6th October 1995, when a giant planet (51 Pegasi b) was found in a four-day orbit around the nearby G-type star 51 Pegasi.

What is Kepler 22-b?

Kepler 22-b is an extrasolar planet orbiting G-type star 22-b. It is said that its size is as about the Earth however its mass remains unknown.

What qualities earned planet Gliese 581 g its nickname?

Planets are simply named by adding a letter to the host star name. The first planet found orbiting GJ 581 is called GJ 581 b (where A corresponds to the star). The 2nd discovered planet is GJ 581 c, and so on.

Is Sirus a white dwarf?

Not exactly. A white dwarf would be hard to see from Earth, and Sirius is the brightest star from our point of view. Sirius has two components; one of them, Sirius B, is a white dwarf.

Does Kepler 22-b have gravity?

Yes. All planets have gravity.

Planets is classified as a terrestrial planet?

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are the four terrestrial planets in this solar system."Terrestrial" planets are the rocky planets; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.The terrestrial planets are the inner planets, which are:MercuryVenusEarthMarsVenus!! I got it from study islandA. Jupiter B. MarsC. UranusD. The SunThe answer is B, Mars.------The four inner, rocky planets are also known as the terrestrial planets. These are; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.