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yes there was some positive efectcs one of them was that there was a significant amount of resources to go round and that it made the population level up .

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What are the positive effects of chinas one child policy?

Less populationLess overcrowdednessLess pollutionLess competition

What are the positive effects of China's one child policy?

is the china one child policy positive? is the china one child policy positive? it has posative points...it did slowly stableise china's populaton

When did Chinas one child policy start?

China's One Child Policy started in 1978.

When was china's one child policy introduced?

Chinas one child policy came into affect in the year 1979.

What didn't people like about China's one child policy?

People didn't like chinas one child policy because their child got lonley

What are the negative effects of chinas one child policy?

i dont know, but i need to know for my geography project :( many babys, especialy girls, were killed because of the policy, as boys were more important than girls

Positive effects of China's One Child Policy?

Families who only have one child get a 'one child glory certificate' which entitles them to an annual bonus on their salary up until the child is 14. Your welcome !

How media effect child psychology?

what are the positive effects of media on child psychology

Negative effects of China's One Child Policy?

China's one child policy is unfair as you're aloud to have another child if it's a girl but not if it's a boy

What prompt china's government to enact the one child policy?

In the 1970's when they hit a population of one billion they knew that they had to do something to curb population growth, so they enacted the policy of one child per family. ----------- To curb overpopulation. Chinas economy and natural resources would not be able to keep otherwise.

O positive man and Rhesus negative woman?

Will there be any effects on the child if the father is O positive and the Mother is Rhesus negative?

How was China's one child policy carried out?

It came into force in 1979 by Den-so ping . The reason was Chinas population was bursting in its seems. And this was forced on the people to control the population. Because China had a dictator it was possible.

What are the long term effects of the one child policy?

The long term effect of China's one child policy is that there will be simply not enough girls for boys to marry. the average 170 boys born to every 100 girls

What are some more positive things about one child policy?

it keeps down the population of the country, you get benefits for the child (free schooling etc) and it less work for the parents.

What are the effects of certain child rearing practices?

Well, positive rearing produces positive results and visa versa. If your talking about long term affects, its how and what you are attempting to accomplish...

Can a b positive and a positive have a b negative child?

No. If both parents are positive, the child will be positive. If both parents are negative, the child will be negative. Parents who are negative and positive can have children who are either positive or negative. '+' + '+' = '+' '-' + '-' = '-' '+' + '-' = '-' or '+'

Where does one child policy happen?

The 'One child' policy is related to China.

Who introduced the one child policy?

The government introduced the one child policy

Can an AB positive father and an A positive mother have an A negative child?

No. Since both are Rh positive, the child will be Rh positive.

What are the Effect of Two-child policy in lives of the people in China?

China's two child policy, which was in place before 1980, had an estimated population of 1.8 billion by the year 2025. That is why, in 1980, when the population of China reached over 1000 million, it was changed to a one child policy. This resulted in a decreased estimate of 1.2 billion by the year 2025. Unfortunately it also resulted in much female infanticide and a lack of partners for men. So essentially Chinas two child policy was its first attempt at reducing its population, I would assume many of its rewards and punishments are similar to that of its one-child policy. I,e, improved housing, pensions and free education for sticking to the rules, and none of the above plus one hefty fine for breaking the rules. Unfortunately i don't know when the two child policy came into effect, or what the exact effect was if your talking about personal effects ( such as how having less children effected food, water or work sources etc - though one would assume with less mouths to feed then food and water would be more plentiful ) but I'm 100% sure this will be more helpful than the previous answer which went something like : two child policy? that's new - i thought it used to be a one-child policy.

How is the one child policy in china similar to policies in India and in the us?

One child policy in china is made to control the population. In India, they do not have a one child policy currently but maybe in the future. In the us, they do not have a one child policy.

Can a father with A Positive blood have a child with A Positive blood?

It depends. If the mother of the child is A positive as well, the child will be A positive. This is also true if the mother is a type O. It wont be possible if the mother is B positive, since the child will be AB positive (the blood types are codominant).

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