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AnswerThere are many different type of protein pills availible. The 2 most common are proteins derived from whey and beef liver. You can find protein pills at your local nutrition center (GNC, etc.). Most of these pills are designed to be taken in conjunction with a high protein diet. Your body (i.e. your muscles) will take full advantage of the proteins you get from lean meats and dairy products, so use these pills as a supplement.

A word of warning: Many of these pills have high concentrations of B complex or B-12 vitamins. B-vitamin is a natural energy booster. So if you work out in the evening, you may want to avoid the supplements that have high B-vitamins. If you do work out in the evening, I would suggest taking one or two of the protein pills with dinner, 1-2 hours before you go lift.

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Q: Are there any protein pills or supplements that will help you gain muscle?
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How do I gain more muscle tone?

A proper diet will help you gain more muscle tone. Eating protein rich foods in conjunction with protein supplements will increase your muscle tone. Also, a weightlifting routine is necessary to gain muscle tone.

What are good muscle gain supplements?

Good muscle gain supplements include whey protein, milk protein (known as Casein protein), Soy protein, Egg-white protein, and hemp seed protein. Whey contains high levels of all the essential amino acids, soybeans contain isoflavones, Casein contains highly-digestible protein, hemp oil is high in essential fatty acids, and egg white has lactose-free and dairy-free protein. Creatine supplements are also helpful in building muscle stamina. All of the above supplements are sold with different brand names.

Does eating a lot of protein help you build muscle?

Yes it helps build muscle. Protein is the key to body building. Supplements may also help also for faster results. Dont always depend on supplements though. You still need to eat the right foods for muscle gain. Such as your vegetables, fruits, and protein. Also to drink plenty of water.

Can you gain muscle without protein shake?

NO you do not need a protein shake to gain muscle, this just helps give energy or protein to HELP GAIN muscles

What should you do to increase your physique and bodyweight ilook very thin please help should you o for supplements and which one?

You don't want to gain fat you want to gain some muscle if i were you i would more protein such as chicken. but you need in between snacks you can eat beef turkey it has protein. and the protein and then you exercise and you sweat the protein eats and the fat then you gain muscle. THE REASON YOU DON'T WANT TO GAIN FAT IS BECAUSE THEN YOU START HAVING PROBLEMS !!! THANK YOU :) ♥♥ P.S YOU CAN USE SUPPLEMENTS!!!

High protein foods to gain weight?

if you want to gain weight the healthy way then it has to be majorly from muscle.Muscle is made up of protein completely and to build muscle we have to provide our body with lots of protein.So high protein diet coupled with proper physical training - muscle gain/weight gain

Best drug for muscle gain?

For muscle gain, it is best to take protein supplements and lift weights. Strain on muscles causes tiny tears that are repair by amino acids that form proteins. There are no legal drugs that build bigger muscles.

Is it easier to gain muscle from fat?

It's impossible to gain muscle from fat. You get muscle from heavy exercises and protein :>

Does eating tuna help to gain muscle?

Eating tuna helps to gain muscle because tuna is protein and protein builds muscle. However, to build muscle you need to exercise as well.

What is the truth about muscle gain supplements?

The truth about muscle gain supplements is to do your homework. Because they are not yet regulated by the FDA it is very difficult to judge off of another's post but to do it yourself and send us the results.

Is taking high protein supplements put one at risk of health side effect and how does it help in muscle growth?

There do seem to be risks of using high protein supplements. It seems that it can be bad for your liver, and cause you to gain anger issues. There have also been cases of extreme depression.

What should you do right after you finish lifting weights to gain muscle?

Protein Protein Protein. It will be your #1 friend in helping you gain muscle. After finishing lifting, take in protien. Protien is THE building block for optimal muscle growth.

Is there any store online, other than GNC that carries mass gainer supplements?

Yes, body mass gain supplements are carried by many online stores such as, and many others. These are generally protein supplements that help build muscle mass.

Do protein help you gain muscle?

Protein is the raw ingredient from which muscle is made by the body, if your body doesnt have enough protein it cant maintain muscle it already has, and secondly build new muscle tissue.

Will you gain weight if you start taking a protein supplement?

Yes, you will gain weight in muscle.

Can you gain muscle mass and weight without working out?

Protein or weight gain shakes.

How do you gain weight fast with a fast metabolism?

If you have a fast metabolism, you can gain weight by frequently working out, and combining it with protein supplements.

Can you gain weight by taking protein powder without working out?

Yes you most definitely will gain weight if you eat protein and not exercise. If you're working out to gain muscle, this tears your muscle fibers and the protein is used to repair the fibers. If you don't work out, the protein is going nowhere except your hips.

Does whey protein help you gain weight?

yeah its helps you gain weight because it help build muscle and muscle has weight to it

Is it safe to use mass gainer supplements?

It is safe to use certain types of mass gainer supplements. Protein powders and shakes are a good, safe way to gain muscle weight and mass. Combine the supplements with a balanced diet of whole-grain carbs, lean protein such as turkey, fruits and vegetables and good fats such as olive oil and you will be one your way to a better physique.

What type of supplements make your body gain weight?

There are many dietary supplements that can help you gain weight. Some of these supplements are beta alanine, branched chain amino acids, creatine monohydrate, and whey and casein protein powders.

What is more effective to gain muscle- eating protein and the working out or the opposite?

To gain muscle you MUST workout. If the body is not stressed enough to send the signals to build muscle, it will not matter how much protein you consume. If you are training very hard attaining a certain level of protein in the diet will optimize results but protein by itself will not build muscle.

Many fitness programs include weight training?

To gain muscle mass, free weight training with the appropriate nutrition (balance diet) and supplements (protein drinks, glutamine, etc) is a necessity.

Will you gain muscle by eating protein before a workout?

Yes, but not as much as you will, if you take protein after the workout.

Does whey protein work as a muscle weight gainer?

Protein is required to gain muscle. However, if you follow a well balanced diet with plenty of protein in it, whey is not nescessary.