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There are quite a few festivals in Shintoism. Most concetrate on prufication, as that is the main goal for Shintoism followers; to become pure. One of the festivals is Oshougatsu, which means new year. On January first people all over Japan dress in traditional Japanese clothes and visit shrines, called a 'jinja'. At the shrine, the people pray for a happy year and thank the gods for the good things that happened in the previous year. Another festival is the Shichigosan. Shichigosan stands for seven-five-three. On Shichigosan, girls who have reached the age of seven and three and boys who have turned five dress in traditional clothing and are taken to jinjas by their parents so that the parents can pray for a successful and luck-filled future for them as well as thanking the gods that they have lived to this age. Seijin Shiki is when people who have reached the age 20 in the previous year dress in kimonos for the women and suits for the men (formarly, the men wore the mens' kimono). Haru Matsuri (Spring festival) is often celebrated around February, and during Haru Matsuri roasted beans are thrown to the ground, the thrower chanting, "Demons out, good luck in".

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Q: Are there any shintoism festivals
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