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Yes, I am 14 and work at a shoe store in Norman, Oklahoma!!! (You get paid really well when your young!!)

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โˆ™ 2006-03-19 07:18:14
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Q: Are there any shoe stores that hire 14 year-olds?
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Are there any shoe stores that hire 14 year-olds in Richmond Virginia?


Does any clothing stores hire 15 year olds?

most stores do not. but there are some stores that hire at 16. such as Pac Sun.

What jobs hire in the Bronx at age 16?

Any shoe store (Footlocker), or clothing store (Hollister, Aeropostale,etc). You also can try neighborhood stores, grocery stores, or any family run business(you have more chances there).

What stores in Mississippi will hire at 15?

Hardly any stores, if any will hire someone at 15 in Mississippi. However, if you feel one of the stores might, you could call and speak to a manager.

What stores can you buy heelys tennis shoes at?

any shoe store

What age does TJX stores hire?

any age, its child labour

What stores hire at the age of 11?

not really any stores hire at the age of 11, i think really to have any chance it would be to go to your parents jobs, but other than that u wont be able to get any jobs anywhere.

Does Bow Wow own any stores in Atlanta?

Yes bow wow has two shoe stores in Atlanta

Where can you get dance shoes?

in any dance store. maybe in some shoe stores.

Where can you buy platform wedges in Ohio?

Any national shoe chain that is in Ohio is a good place to buy shoes of any sort. Most shoe stores carry a variety of shoes that is sure to please the pickiest of platform shoe purchasers.

Where can you find white wedding shoes in stores?

Many shoe stores carry white shoes and you are best to go to department stores or even independent shoe stores. If you want satin then you are going to have to buy the shoes at a wedding shop. If you want your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids to wear satin shoes then they will have to be dyed (by any shoe repair shop) to match the color of their dresses.

Where can I buy Saucony Hattori men's?

You can buy saucony hattori mens running shoe at any number of locations. Amazon/ebay or other internet shops. Or if you'd like, at your local sports stores or shoe stores.

Where can i get colorful Adidas's like lil Wayne?

You can get them at any shoe gallery or stores like Ross or Marshalls.

Where can one find a New Balance shoe stores?

There are many New Balance shoe stores. If you want to find out if there are any New Balance shoe stores in your area, check out their official website for more information. Go to the New Balance website, type in Find Store in the search box, and then another page will appear that will allow you to search for a store near you.

What shops are in America?

Any store you can imagine - and there are probably several on each block or shopping center. There are shoe stores, candy stores, clothing, home and garden.

What stores in Lakeland Florida hire at 14?

i know for a fact that any publix stores in the area hire at 14 years of age...and its very rare but i think winn dixie does too! and you can also volenteer at the hospitals if your just looking to get out of the house.

Does shoe stores have a size 5 in twinkle toes?

Nope, sorry :(answer 2: ASK. as an employee if they have any in stock.

Where can i find leather yellow sperry's for men?

Any department store like: Macys Sperry's outlets Also any men shoe stores or stores that specialize in men footwear: Bass

What stores in Edmonton AB hire 13 year olds?

Pretty much any fast food restaurent, my friend is 13 and she works at dairy queen. Some clothing stores could hire you, but your best shot would be at a walmart or superstore.

Where can i buy some strength training shoe?

Any sporting goods store should have staff members who can help you choose a shoe that's best for you. Speciality stores have more knowledgeable staff.

Does any clothing shop hire 14 year olds?

No. Unless it's a small private clothing store, pretty much all major chain stores hire at 17 or 18.

Where can you get free jordans?

There is no current promotions anywhere for free Jordan's. You can check out local shoe stores to se if they have any giveaways in the future.

What stores hire 15 yr olds in elyria Ohio?

but everyone is putting in an application.. does anyone know any other places?

What pet stores hire 10 year olds?

i dont think any do because i think thats a little too young

Where can Ugg shoes be bought?

Ugg shoes can be bought at any local shoe department store or at any stores that sells shoes; or you can purchase it online through different suppliers.