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Are there any shopping websites that accept cash?

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There is not any shopping website that accepts cash because you shouldn't send HARD cash in the mail.

Although this is a correct statement, there are a few online stores that offer in person delivery. You CAN pay cash in that instance.

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2020-08-15 19:33:57

sending cash in mail is not the smartest idea but the most anonymous way to purchase things

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I am pretty sure that the animal purple paw website takes money orders!

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There are currently no websites that advertise the shopping channel. The shopping channel does have its own website but no other websites advertise this fact.

What websites can shopping assistant jobs be located?

The best websites to find shopping assistant jobs are Monster, Indeed, and National Career Service. These websites can help one locate a job in their area and any other job as well.

What is the maximum amount of cash you can deposit in a bank?

Banks will accept any amount if you deposit it. However any cash deposit made over $10,000 will be reported to the IRS.

Is there any place to buy cheaper christian louboutin shoes?

There is some websites for christian louboutin shoes shopping so cheap .

Does the shopping channel accept returns?

The shopping channel is like any other online retailer. Returns can be accepted provided certain conditions are meet and approved by the retailer. Return shipping may be at the expense of the consumer.

Why retailers accept credits?

Retailers accept credits in order to make sales or increase sales because not all people carry with them cash. Therefore, if the retailers will not accept credits such as credit cards, they will not have any sale or will not be able to maximize their income.

Are there any women who will accept to have a polygamous marriage?

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How many shopping sites are there in India?

There are so many online shopping websites in India but the thing is that you need to be sure of before you shop from any of the websites in India that is that site proving the best deals and the shipping of the products are on time or not. you need to firstly make sure that the what people experiences about the website

Can you use America shopping websites in the UK?

In theory - yes. Any overseas company should ship to the UK, providing they accept your method of payment. I, personally, have bought products from overseas companies and they've delivered to the UK with out any problems. Your best solution - before ordering - would be to email the company, and ask if they ship to the UK.

Is there any best website for baby shopping in Pakistan?

There are number of websites for baby shopping but only few are available with complete range. It includes JustBabyMart in Pakistan and Paaray. You can also search for something specific you want.

If a creditor does not accept credit cards for payment how else can I pay if my credit cards is my only way to pay?

Check, cash, money order, certified funds. If you don't have any cash money, you can take a cash advance on your credit card and then pay the creditor with the cash. Be aware that the interest rate for a cash advance is very high.

Are there any websites that will get me cash for my car?

There are websites where you can sell your car. One example is You just have to enter your car registration for a free instant valuation. If it meets their criteria, you can earn a good amount for your car.

Where can you watch any Johnny Cash video?

You Tube is one of the best places to watch music videos. There are probably many other Johnny Cash fan based websites out there where one could watch videos.

Can you cash a cheque made out to cash at any bank?

I have been given a cheque made out for CASH am I able to cash it at any bank

Are there any shopping centers in rutland?

Rutland does have shopping centers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where can you get cash coupon to buy cheapest rs 2007 gold?

One Comment Exchanges for One Red Envelop with Free Cash On RSorder! Up tp $3 cash coupon to buy cheapest rs 2007 gold at RSorder! Now, tell your shopping experience on RSorder to get free cash. There are no restrictions for using free cash, which means you are able to use it for any amount.

What is the best currency to take to Latvia?

Probably Lats as that is the national currency. However, you probably dont need to take any cash with you because there are many cash points and most shops accept all kinds of bank cards.

Can you cash a personal check with no id?

No. The bank will require a valid identity proof if you want cash for the check. However, if you want to deposit it into your bank account, the bank wont as for any Id. They will accept the check and credit cash into your account as soon as your check gets paid by the issuing bank.

Are there any websites that will give me cash for my old gold?

Yes, you can visit and Make sure you investige the company before sending them your gold!

What are some websites that claim to offer paperless payday loans?

Some websites that claim to offer paperless payday loans are Payday Today and Paperless Loans. Paperless Loans claims to offer cash advances that are without any fax and leave no paper trail. These sites claim to provide cash without any credit history check and nearly instantaneous approval.

What is the website that can answer any acceptable question?

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What are letgitimate online shoe shopping websites? or type in the name of any shoe store you can think of (i.e. Steve madden, aldo) + .com and you will get them

When shopping online can you use coupons?

Yes, You can use coupons for online shoppings from

What is the difference between cash inflow and cash out flow?

when cash comes in business due to any activity it is called cash inflow and when cash goes out from business due to any transaction it is called cash outflow.