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Are there curfews given to teens ages 18 and over?

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Generally no... but you may be restricted from bars and clubs after a certain hours as they may become 21+ when alcohol is being served. Welcome to the wonderful world of 18 years of age - you are now an adult. "With great power comes great responsibility."

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I think it's 18 and over

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Most parents and teens will fight over how the teen is not allowed to go to a party or whatever they want to go to. And that's when the teens start saying that they hate them or rather live somewhere else.

How many teens get married?

Alot of teens get married; however, it is proven that by the 2nd year over half divorce.

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only if they want to take a health risk and teens over 18 only are allowed

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about 3out of 5 teens commit suicide over abusive relationship each year

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over two million

What percentage of teens favor Hollister over other brands?


Should teens over 13 be allowed in r movies?


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Should young people be subjected to curfews as a way to reduce crime?

kids over the age of 12 should be able to vote for the right to stay out doors after a certain time! ;]

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Statistics on how many teenagers have curfews?

About 90% of kids in America have a curfew 500 cities in the US have curfewson teenage youth including 78 out of 92 cities with a population over 180,000

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