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Are there different kinds of wasps and if so what do they look like?

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there are 53 types of wasps.

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Where is a wasps habitat?

Wasps build nests. They can look a bit like a bee hive.

What do underground wasps look like?

a wasp...?

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What does ground hornet look like?

Yellowjackets live in the ground and look just like wasps.

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What do pollen wasps look like?

See one on the link below:

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What do diagrams of isotopes look like?

It's not, 'What do diagrams of isotopes look like,' rather ' What kinds different kinds do they have' Isotopes are just varied structures and/or forms of single elements. Which will contain the same amount of protons, but different amounts of neutrons.I hope this answer helped you!

Why do hoverflies have yellow and black stripes?

They look like wasps because in the past, those that looked more like wasps left more descendants. This happened because potential predators assumed they were wasps, with the capability to sting, and so didn't eat them.

Do bees look like wasps?

Bees and wasps do have a similar appearance. Bees are rounder, wasps are leaner. Wasps are covered in a smooth almost shiny exoskeleton. Bees on the other hand are covered in a layer of fuzz, this has to do with the feeding mechanism as wasps are predominantly carnivorous while bees feed on nectar.

What do minibeasts look like?

"Minibeasts" refer to invertebrates and arthropods. This group consists of organisms that are and that look like butterflies, bees, wasps, spiders, ants, and the like.

What do wasps nests look like?

wasps nest look like a grey ball, made out of chewed wood pulp. they are normally suspended from the branches of trees and inside bushes. however sometimes the nest may be found inside a shed or attic.

What do bee's and wasps nest look like?

They are in the same species and have similar DNA to build their hives

How do you recognize hornets from wasps and bees?

Go to google and look up images of different types of bees. Ex. wasp, hornet,honey bee. Youll see that the way their body is shaped is different and like wasps have a pointy body, bees are big and fat, and hornets are kinda a mix. Like I said go to google and youll be able to see the difference.

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What does a wasp look like?

Wasps are longer and thinner than bees. I always think they look like a really big ant that flies. They are black or dark brown.

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What is the difference between a flying ant and a fly?

Ants and flies are both insects, but that is about as much as they are like each other. Ants are descended from certain kinds of wasps and if you carefully compare the build of an ant and a wasp, you can see that they are very much alike; in fact some kinds of ants, especially the flying ants, look very much like wasps, and some kinds of wasps look very much like ants. Many ants, like many wasps, have stings, and most wasps, like most ants, can bite. Flies do however differ from wasps, just as humans differ from horses, though both of us are mammals. Flies don't have stings, and they cannot bite, though some kinds, like horse flies and mosquitoes, have piercing mouthparts that they can stick through your skin to suck blood. Ants cannot do that, because their mouthparts are cutting or crushing jaws like pincers. Flying ants each have four wings like most wasps and most other flying insects, and in a way, so do flies, but the flies are in the order Diptera (which means "two-winged ones"). In fact, flying flies do have four wings, not two, but their hind wings have shrunk into little clubs we call "halteres". When they fly, flies swing their halteres like tiny gyroscopes. They use those "gyroscopes" to keep their balance, and use their front wings for flying, much as we use our hind legs for walking and our front legs (which we call "arms") for balance (among other things). So you could say that the difference between a horse and a human is much like the difference between a flying ant (or other type of wasp) and a fly.

Different kinds of wind energy?

there a way look on the computer

What are the wasps behavior?

It depends on the type of Wasp. Altho they can sting, and hurt like heck, they are really beneficial insects. They scavage small animals that have died, like mice, or birds. Which helps in the ecology of a forest, or even a backyard. I have seen two wasps eat a dead mouse in two days. Wasps that make paper nests fly to an unpainted wood fence or chair, and scrape tiny shreds of the wood, which they bring back to the nest. They also drink water , which they use to wet the wood, to build the nest. If you leave them alone, they don't usually bother you. The wasps are different from the hornets, which are really the ones to watch out for! There are also wasps called "solitary wasps", that hunt for caterpillars, paralyse them with a sting, bring to a small hole in the ground, or tree, then the wasp lays an egg on the paralysed bug. When the egg hatches, the baby wasp gets to eat the caterpillar. This also is very ecological, as the wasps usually lay eggs on insect larva that eat many of our commercial crops. Some greenhouses actually have tiny wasps in the greenhouse to use as natural pest control. There are many different kinds of wasps, check the library, there are many books on wasps, bees, and hornets to look at, read and get information from.

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