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Are there different laws governing Indian reservations?

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On the reservations they have their own laws which they take care of themselves. They have their own "world" with stores, gas stations, etc. The "Council" dictates the laws and of the reservations, they abide by our laws. They are not obligated to pay state taxes on anything (on the reservation). But revenue made from Bingo or gambling casinos has to be reported since it is Federal. However, they still much notify "civil" law authorities of any felonious crimes, (murder). This is only what I've read up on so far since we are studying it at the moment in school. Hope it helps a little.

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What are workmen's compensation laws on Indian Reservations?

non existant and you can't sue either

What is an Indian reservation?

An Indian reservation is land given to Native Americans from the government. Reservations are managed by the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs. There are 310 reservations in the United States. Because they have limited laws, many Native Americans place casinos on their reservations to attract tourists and increase revenue.

Do Indian reservations have power to legalize marijuana?

Yes, Indian reservations have more power than states, but less power than the Federal government. That's the reason why California and other states were able to legalize marijuana because the ban of marijuana is a state law. States have the power to override current state laws, and indian reservations are able to override state laws. If the ban of marijuana was a Federal law then neither Indian reservations nor States would be able to legalize it.

Do certificate of need laws apply on Native American reservations?

The CON is not an actual law, but more of a process. Federal Laws apply on Indian Reservations, some state laws apply, but in a more limited role. The Process of those laws (Administration) is different on each reservation. The BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) administrates these applications for any project as the trustee and makes any CON determination - they would more than likely follow this guideline if it is already in place.

What was a result of the Dawes Act?

More Indians sold their land. Indian reservations were split up and often sold to whites. Indian reservations shrank. John Collier helped get laws passed that restored tribal control over American Indian land.

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Why are so many casinos on Indian land?

Because Native American reservations do not have to abide by federal laws. There are no restrictions on gambling establishments.

Can native American felons still hunt on Indian Lands?

You need to consult a lawyer for a legal, correct and current answer. Reservations are sovereign and have a combination of their own laws and DOI laws.

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What are the Indian reservation conditions?

I am answerring this question as a caucasion male in the repossession business. Conditions on Indian reservations are as varied as the conditions of caucasion communities. Some have built reservations and invested the money wisely and in some instances, tribal politicians have squandered this wealth. On many reservations corruption is rampant. On others, they have found renewed meaning in life after having been displaced from there more nomadic lifestyles. Some reservations resemble urban ghettos in the country and others are well maintained. Some are closed reservations and stand as "mini countries" in the middle of the USA. Others are open reservations and adopt all of the laws of the state they are in to attract investment and immigration. In short, conditions on Indian reservations are diverse as the diffferences between individual people. hope that helps

Why are there casinos on Indian reservations?

First, Federal law does not really apply to Indian Reservations (they are by definition, separate nations). Second, Indians do not enforce their moral laws on the conduct of another (that does not directly interfere with the rights of another, or cause harm) like American's do. Third, Casino's are good ways to make money and help the tribes.

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Is marijuana legal on an Indian reservation?

Native American reservations have different laws for each one. So it may be legal on one, while not on the other. Asking "Is marijuana legal on an Indian reservation?" implies that the same laws would be held for all tribes.Now to answer your question, no. But the tribal leaders could if they wanted to (because it tribal law is above state law, and marijuana illegalization is not a federal law).

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