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A debtor can dismiss a Chapter 13 bankruptcy at any time without a fee, except perhaps for any remaining attorney's fees that have not been paid under the Chapter 13 plan. A debtor cannot voluntarily dismiss a Chapter 7 without filing a motion wiht the court. Even then, the debtor must be able to demonstrate that no prejudice to creditor if the Chapter 7 is dismissed. The debtor can convert the 7 to 13 (which does involve a fee) and then dismiss the Chapter 13.

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2005-07-23 22:34:25
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Q: Are there fees involved when you dismiss your bankruptcy?
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What are the steps involved in claiming bankruptcy?

There are several steps involved in claiming bankruptcy. Some of these include: finding and contacting a licensed trustee, applying for bankruptcy, and paying the subsequent court fees associated with filing a bankruptcy.

Is there anyway to get a free bankruptcy?

Whilst an initial consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer is usually free of charge, there are always fees involved with this process. Even if one chooses not to use a lawyer, there are still fees which will need to be paid to the court.

Can you dismiss a chapter 7 bankruptcy after you file it?


What is typically involved in filing for bankruptcy?

In order to file for bankruptcy you will need to complete a Statement of Affairs and a Bankruptcy Petition form. You will find these either at your nearest county court, or available online to download. There will most likely be court and other administration fees involved in this process.

Can a bankruptcy case be redone after a order to dismiss with prejudice?


If you file for bankruptcy will this dismiss a judgment against you?

A bankruptcy doesn't dismiss another legal action, like a judgment. But you can include the plaintiff's claim in your bankruptcy. The judge may allow this debt and discharge it along with all your other obligations.

How do you stop a bankruptcy dismissal?

By complying with the requirements of the bankruptcy code. Correct the particular grounds that support the motion to dismiss.

Cancellation of chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You can dismiss a bankruptcy. (Motion to dismiss) However, you will no longer be under the protection of the bankruptcy courts, will still owe everything, and will still have a bankruptcy on your credit report. You may also be prevented from filing again for quite some time. Talk to an attorney about your individual circumstances and how your local Bankruptcy court handles these situations.

Can you file back child support in a bankruptcy in the state of Alabama?

Bankruptcy is a Federal process and has no effect on child support. Bankruptcy does not dismiss child support debts.

What does it cost in legal fees when filling chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The cost of filing fees in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will vary with each state. On average, the filing fees are about $300.

How do you pervent someone from filling bankruptcy on back child support?

... prevent ... Bankruptcy is a Federal process and has no effect on child support. Bankruptcy does not dismiss child support debts.

Can you file for bankruptcy at any time?

The short answer is no. There are legal restrictions regarding when and how often you can file bankruptcy, as well as the type of bankruptcy (if any) you are eligible to file. You will likely need to be able to pay any court and legal fees involved, as well, so proceed with caution.

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